X Most Important LinkedIn Lead Generation KPIs

Creating an ideal marketing campaign is all about planning and taking steps toward success. To see how well your sales team performs you would need special metrics that trackthe progress. In the world of marketing, one of the most important ones is the Key Performance Indicator or KPI.

Today we will introduce you to KPIs and their goals, setting up campaign goals and the factors that impact them.

Why Is It Important to Set KPIs or Metrics for LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns?

A key performance indicator represents how well the company achieves its business goals. KPI is not a universal metric and the criteria usually differ from company to company.

KPIs in sales evaluate your performance against your goals. Following these helps to optimize the sales process and ensures that your team is moving in the right direction.

While working with LinkedIn KPIs are especially important as B2B sales on this platform benefit greatly from careful planning.

Types of Campaigns and Sample Goals

Different lead generation KPIs correspond to different types of marketing campaigns. Generally, those can be divided into:

Brand/Rebranding awareness

The goal of a brand awareness campaign  is pretty straightforward: to tell the potential customer what your product is and what you do as a company. This goes beyond brand or logo, as the main goal is to explain what makes you different from competitors.

Rebranding awareness is similar, with the only difference being that the brand already exists.

Search Engine Marketing Campaign

SEM is leading the user to your landing page with paid ads in the search results. It is great for increasing the traffic on the company pages, but it’s not the best method in terms of lead conversion rates.

Referral Marketing

Referral programs give people opportunities to advertise the product they like to their family and friends while getting rewards for their efforts. The success of this method lies in the trust people have in their surroundings.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s B2C or B2B, the most popular marketing method today is via social media. It allows salespeople to create a sales funnel in a convenient way using ads and personal messages with a relatively low marketing budget.

How to Set Campaign Goals

Once you are set with the type of marketing campaign, it is time to set some goals. Here are some basic steps you’d need to follow:

  1. Gather data.
  2. Calculate the number of customers you’ll need to generate.
  3. Estimate the % of leads that become customers.
  4. Establish KPIs that would work best for you.
  5. Focus on increasing reach, and conversion rates and work towards lead generation KPIs.

3 Most Important Linkedin Lead Generation KPIs

LinkedIn KPIs are a bit different from what you’d expect of social media. It has a number of unique tools that allow the user to advertise their product and thus they are important KPIs as well. Normally you’d need to measure:

Companies/Contacts Researched

LinkedIn marketing is about the engagement rate of specific people and companies. It is essential to outline who your potential customers are along with their job titles and the companies they work for.

LinkedIn InMails Sent

InMails are messages that you can send to anyone who you don’t have connections with. The amount of sent InMails will allow you to see both time and money spent on this platform toonily.

Personalized Emails Sent

Having researched the leads, it becomes much easier to send them personalized emails. Those show prospects how your solution adds value to their situation, and are especially useful when a contact is not connecting on LinkedIn.

4 factors that impact reaching your Linkedin Campaign Goals

All of this sums up into factors that impact your campaign goals. To achieve success, we recommend:

  1. Choosing your objectives clearly.
  2. Identifying KPIs that suit your needs.
  3. Using all of the tools LinkedIn provides you with.
  4. Automating the process with an outsourcing service.

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