WoW Best Healers For PvP – Which Healer Is Ranked The Highest In World of Warcraft 9.1

You might be wondering will mistweaver finally be a top tier healer? will holy still be better than disc, you have questions, we have answers. we will be forecasting the season 2 meta, breaking down the biggest changes that will be affecting every healer in 9.1. For WoW Classic is constantly increasing, people are beginning to acquire WoW Classic gold to enhance their gaming experience to the next level. so keep in mind that this is our prediction, we consulted with some of the best players in the world, taking their collective input in order to give you our healer forecast.

Top Tier Healer 1 – Restoration Druids

History repeats itself and nothing is more familiar than seeing Restoration Druids on the s tier. oddly enough, Resto Druids didn’t see many changes in 9.1, in fact the druid class as a whole received some major defensive nerfs with frenzied regeneration getting nerfed by 15%, oozes frictionless coating getting reduced by 50% in PvP and the well-honed instincts conduit getting a huge cool down increase. Necrolord Druid were pretty much immortal in season 1, having the best self-heal in the game with adaptive swarm and frenzied regeneration and these new nerfs certainly do hurt. so how do we possibly rank them so high? well, for one kleptomania is being removed from fire and frost mages and will now be arcane only. this spell was a massive counter to Resto druid teams. with its removal, Druids will be way better into most mage setups. on top of that, every class that Druids typically play with received pretty huge buffs. warlock got massive buffs for both specs, frost mages got damage increases, assassination rogues are looking stronger, even warriors of all things are looking better. all of these things are massive indirect buffs to Resto druids, who tend to do best with classes that are really good at avoiding damage or are tanky enough to offset the lack of strong team defenses that Resto Druids are missing. these indirect buffs don’t even take into account that Resto finally has a good PvP talent against caster cleaves, with keeper of the grove being added as a new option.

Before the patch, this will be fairly costly to Buy WoW TBC Classic Gold, so You want to acquire the greatest equipment early then go to Resto PvP talents were mostly focused on denying melee DPS this new addition will finally give a good option into affliction warlocks and shadow priests and might even make Druids more competitive in RBGs. on top of this, high winds has been reworked for all druid specs and will now cause cyclone to leave a 30% healing reduction on targets. this will line up perfectly with the increase in healing reduction effects and might actually make druid one of the best offensive healers.

Top Tier Healer 2 – Resto Shamans

But Resto Druids can’t have all the fun this season, because joining them on the S Tier are Resto Shamans. just like Resto Druids, Shamans didn’t really see that many changes in the patch. a new PvP talent was added called living tide, it will give them a more consistent cool down option, which is something the spec really benefits from since it lacks strong consistent throughput. every shaman spec is getting a new talent called unleash shield, it is by far the most broken for wrestler shaman since it will cause water shields to spawn a whirlpool that reduces enemy healing by 40%. Resto Shamans will have a mortal strike, but the most important change in 9.1 is that staves will no longer appear in the great vault. rest of shaman comps are also getting huge buffs in season two like the bump of druid to S Tier, Shamans are also getting elevated through their symbiotic relationship with other classes. feral Druids, dks, and rhett paladins were all buffed in 9.1. many of the best comps available to Shamans will be even better, especially since rest of Druids will be popular and purge is one of the best counters to the entire spec.

Top Tier Healer 3 – Mistweaver Monks

Druids and Shamans have found themselves as the best healers in arena. there’s a lot of hype around mistweaver monks this patch since they will be getting enough buffs to take them out of the lower tier since our last update. 9.1 introduces some new PvP talents with peace weaver dematerialized and thunderous focus T, which help address some of the glaring problems facing the spec during season 1. peace weaver will likely be a default option against affliction warlock teams for preventing damage on UA dispels and might make mistweaver one of the default healers in RBGs. Dematerialize will help address some of the fragility of the spec which gets super punished by stun setups, especially by comps like rogue mage.

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