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Will Wigs Damage Your Hair?

by Levi

With the time and effort saved by wearing wigs and the variety of options for those who wear wigs, It’s no wonder they’ve been so popular. Save time at the salon to dye hair, cut, and style and all the hair pulling and tugging associated with braiding. Wigs offer comfort, ease, and fashion.

However, even though you’re saving money and time and possibly causing damage to your hair through wigs, will they harm your hair also? Here are some of the best tips for wearing wigs and ensuring they’re in no way damaging the hair.

Wig Gaps Should Be Increased

The more significant the gap between your head and hair wig and your wig, the more space you have. A more expansive room between your scalp and hair encourages growth by preventing bacterial build-up. There are two ways to improve the space.

  • Wear a cap. Caps are a great protection layer between your hair and the hairpiece. It also hides the hair that you have so that your wigs appear more natural.
  • Head wraps or braids that protect your hair. Another way to create an opening between your hair and the hairpiece. Ensure that your wrap doesn’t look too heavy, or else your wig may appear unnatural.

Apart from safeguarding your hair from sweat accumulation, wearing caps for wigs also shields your hair from the tension between it and your hair which could irritate it.

Size Your Wig Correctly

Hair has three sizes for wigs: small, average, and large. If you’re wearing your hair and it slides as the head moves, it needs to be more significant. If it’s too tight enough to make you feel uncomfortable, it’s small. If your wig is tight, it’ll create a better experience. 

However, it can pull your hair back, which could cause hair loss and balding. Whether you’re considering purchasing a kinky curly wig for yourself or someone else, it’s essential to understand the potential risks associated with these types of wigs. While they are designed to mimic the appearance and feel of natural hair, they can damage your hair if not used properly.

Relax Your Hair 

Wearing wigs for many people is a way of life, and it’s not surprising why it should be. They’re enjoyable, available in various colors, cuts, and styles, and are more manageable than numerous natural hairstyles. Also, sometimes, hair loss leaves us with few options.

It’s essential to allow your hair to breathe each chance you have. If you don’t want to go through a whole day without hair, at the very least, don’t put the wig on. Sleeping with your wig isn’t recommended because it may pull your hair back and result in hair breaking.

Are kinky curly wigs with bangs a good choice for styling your hair? While there is no definitive answer to this question, there are some things to consider when thinking about whether or not kinky wigs will damage your hair. 

One of the main concerns when it comes to kinky curly wigs is that they can cause damage to your natural hair if they are not properly taken care of. With kinky wigs, it is essential to make sure that you wash and condition them regularly and use quality styling products so that they don’t cause frizz or tangling in your hair.

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