Why you shouldn’t drive while intoxicated

It doesn’t take much thought to understand how dangerous it is to drive under the influence of alcohol. But, unfortunately, many people, even though they understand the danger of such a situation, still get behind the wheel in such a state. According to the statistics almost ten thousand people were killed only last year as a result of traffic accidents.

If you are among those people who are tempted to get behind the wheel in a drunken state, it is better to do it in a virtual game drive ahead download for android, because in real life, the consequences can be very serious. Let’s take a closer look at what are good reasons not to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated.

The most basic reasons not to get behind the wheel:

  • you could go to jail;
  • insurance premiums can go up;
  • you could lose your job and your license;
  • high fines;
  • a criminal record;
  • you could cause a lot of property damage;
  • you could injure a child.
  • a bad example for your family.

The Risk of Going to Jail

Of course, few people like the idea that they might one day go to jail, but if you’re caught driving a car while intoxicated, the most likely thing you’ll do is go to jail. And if in doing so you cause moral, physical, or material damage to another person, you’re likely to go to jail for a lot longer than a couple of days. And worst of all, if you are responsible for someone’s death, you could go to prison for many, many years.

Increased insurance premiums

If you’re caught drunk driving one day, you shouldn’t be surprised that your insurance premium will increase. This can be explained by the fact that insurance is based to some extent on your risk as a driver. A driver that puts himself or herself at a higher risk of getting into an accident should pay more for insurance. If you get a DUI conviction, your insurance company will likely classify you as high risk, and your premiums will increase dramatically accordingly.

Losing your job and license

In most professions, a DUI conviction can be a pretty powerful argument to get you fired or have your license revoked. If your profession is prestigious and respected, or involves government agencies, it is more likely that your license will be revoked and you will be asked to leave your workplace. Professions such as doctors, lawyers, police officers, and teachers can definitely lose their jobs and licenses if they are caught driving while intoxicated.

Large Fines

Another good reason not to get behind the wheel while intoxicated is the fact that if you injure another person, you will pay hefty fines for the damage caused. And fines aren’t likely to be enough, you could also be subject to penalties, and on top of all that, you’ll also have to pay fees to get your license reinstated.

Criminal Record

If a court finds you guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, your criminal record will show up in your personal information. It will be viewed by your employers and others. This criminal record can negatively affect your future because your options will be limited.

Causing moral damage to others

Even if you didn’t injure anyone after the accident, you may have hit another car, a road sign, or any other object, which will cause you a lot of property damage later on. Therefore, you should not take unnecessary risks and get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Child Injury

Statistically, driving under the influence of alcohol kills hundreds of children each year. Many of the victims were simply pedestrians, riding a bicycle or scooter, or were hit by a driver with a high concentration of alcohol in his blood.

A Bad Example for Your Family and Others

By allowing yourself to drive drunk, you show your family and friends that it is normal and acceptable to you. By not following safety rules, you also emphasize that it is normal. If your family and loved ones’ lives are important to you, it is important to show them that drunk driving is wrong and should not be done.