Why You Need to Use Manual Mowing Machines

It is comfortable to live in a place with clean and even lawn than in a shaggy environment with tall grass. Tall grass is a home for dangerous insects and bad for sight. Mowers help in cutting it shorter and even, within a shorter period. It is more important to choose an appropriate mowing machine to perform this activity.

There is a fast technological advancement in many fields where people move towards lighter and automated machines to make work easier. Mowers are no exemption. Though many see them as outdated, manually operated mowers remain outstanding for their efficiency in cutting lawn. I have described some of the distinctive features in this article;

Keep the lawn healthy

While cutting grass, carelessly tearing and shredding it is unhealthy since these expose it to insects and diseases. This happens when using power-driven machines. On the contrary and to one’s advantage, the manual machines allow for a careful cut along the lawn. The grass therefore heals early enough and remain not vulnerable to diseases and insects.

Neat lawn look

Manually operating a mower gives a kind of movement that leaves the environment clean. The grass will have an even look that appears beautiful in the environment. Professionally, manual operation is preferably used to make the environment even and clean. Beauty left by a large manually driven mower is good-looking before anyone’s sight.

Much affordable

They are cheaper compared to those that are driven by power. Their cost has decreased with the increased technology which aims at producing easily operated machines. To your surprise, manual lawn mower prices in Kenya are slightly lower than the cheapest power-driven ones. This does not alter the fact that they are still good to work with.

No emissions

This kind does not produce emissions into the environment. It does not involve combustion of fuels, which are a source of environmental emissions. Since the whole practice is manual, there is no room for motor devices that consume fuel.

No noise pollution

Noise is destructive in a cool place and during late and early hours. Electric and gaseous mowers have much noise while in operation. This can also reduce one’s time of working because of the restlessness. Mowing using manual machines gives a wonderful experience while working, since there is no noise. Therefore, one may even work for longer hours.


Physical exercise preferences vary from person to person, like walking, running, or other strenuous activities. You can also operate a manual mowing machine as a form of exercising the body since it is slightly strenuous, though enjoyable. It is very great keeping the body fit at the same time doing constructive work by making the lawn appealing, besides being clean.


There are different ways to keep the lawn short and sizeable. Grounds maintenance Bedworth has the best team for this purpose since they leave the environment neat.

However, they perform these functions differently. Being affordable, having less noise and leaving healthy vegetation makes those that are manual good for user experience.