Why Use an Exercise Foam Roller for Massage Sore Muscles?

One of the latest developments in fitness technology is an exercise foam roller. This is a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment that is designed to help you tone up your muscles without having to do actual weight lifting. You do not need to be a bodybuilder or a member of a gym to use this equipment. It is especially ideal for people who are either too busy or simply don’t have the time to devote to weight lifting. Below are the three reasons why it is an excellent choice.

The first reason that I am going to tell you about is that exercise foam rolling is great for muscle soreness recovery. By positioning the foam rollers underneath the target muscles and rolling the body back and forth with the help of your hands, you get what is called myofascial activation.

What this does is give the targeted muscles a nice stretch. In other words, by rolling back and forth on the foam rollers, you effectively work out the knots in the connective tissue that are responsible for creating muscle soreness and damage. This in turn creates a more rapid recovery from that soreness.

The second reason is that you can also use these rollers for physical therapy. If you are experiencing some form of muscle soreness that you want to quickly heal, using the exercise foam roller for massage sore muscles will definitely be a good way to go. Because you are rolling back and forth on the roller, the knots in the tissue are loosened up. This means when you do your exercise routine, the rollers can penetrate deeper into the connective tissue and get to those areas that may have been ignored due to the pain or stiffness.

The third reason why using an exercise foam roller for massaging sore muscles is good for physical therapy is because it can also work to speed up the process of building up flexibility. It all comes down to how flexible you are and how well you can move your joints and muscles.

If you have not developed enough flexibility in your joints, muscles, you could end up building up scar tissue around your joints and this is very hard to get rid of. By using the roller on your muscles, as well as your joints, you can develop more flexibility in these areas and therefore be able to eliminate some of the stiffness and pain you are currently experiencing.

Lastly, the foam rollers can also provide you with a speedy recovery time after an injury. Think about it, after an injury where there is swelling, the last thing you want to do is lurch back into your daily routine of activities that cause you to lurch forward. What if the lurching was your recovery time? Well, the good news is that if you use the exercise foam roller for massaging sore muscles you can get that speedy recovery that you need.

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