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The iconic Y2K clothing fashion made a grand comeback last year with the entire fashion fraternity going gaga over this fashion trend from the 2000s. The major revival of the Y2K fashion in 2021 was filled with nostalgia and saw some interesting interpretations on fashion platforms around the world with sustainability driving the primary thought process. Y2K fashion was the style everyone was spotted wearing in 2021. From crop tops to low-rise pants and cat-eye sunglasses, Y2K clothing fashion took over 2021’s style narrative at a magnitude like never before.

Trends are cyclical. They eventually tend to come back with modifications in the thought process. What goes comes back with modern-day interpretations. Two decades after its first appearance, the Y2K fashion trend resurfaced in 2021 and was in particular loved by the Gen Z.  The trend resurfaced in the form of low-rise denims, top to bottom denim combos, over the top hair accessories, small bags, tracksuits, crop-tops, baby tees and scarves.

Here’s a throwback into the top Y2K clothing trends of 2021: streetwear-meets-glamour sensibilities. The good news is that, you can effortlessly flaunt these trends in 2022 as well, because Y2K clothing fashion is here to stay. The classic trend has seen and will several interpretations this year. Pick your favourite Y2K clothing trend and be the Y2K diva you’ve always wanted to be.

What are Y2K Clothing Trends?

The late ‘90s and 2000s witnessed the beginning of growth especially technological advancement and was known as the Y2K era. It was the beginning of the dot com era where style was outspoken, loud, futuristic and at times bedazzled. The 2000s take back millennials into their teens that was dominated by colours like pink, low-rise denims and crop tops. Interestingly, the rise of the Y2K clothing fashion in 2021 has not only evoked a sense of nostalgia amongst the millennials but has successfully captured the attention of Gen Z as well. While millennials are flaunting this trend to mark the revival of their favourite trend from the past, Gen Z is loving the fun and bedazzled vibes.

Double Denim Y2K Clothing Trend

The double denim trend is a tricky one but when done right, it’s surely a statement making trend to help you rock the casual, relaxed look. There are several Y2K clothing trends that were popular, but amongst them the winner was clearly the double denim trend with several celebrities in India and around the world spotting the trend as a classic laid back style statement. The double denim trend may appear a bit overwhelming at times, but when done right, the denim-on-denim can be the best one to pull of the Y2K clothing fashion in 2022 as well. Think about jackets paired with cropped tops if you want to tone down the effect.

Chic Scarves and Scarf tops

The Y2K clothing trend has a classic fun and frolic vibe to it which is a reflection of the era gone by. Printed scarves ruled the fashion vibe in coordination with the pants or the skirts. Bootcut jeans and silk scarves were a favourite amongst fashion risk-takers like Dua Lipa. Scarf tops were spotted by celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor and Alia Bhatt at several occasions. Be creative and try ,multiple looks with your statement scarf.

Printed Headbands

Nothing says Y2K more than headbands in floral prints and checks. Headbands have the potential to amp-up any look and add a dash of the Y2K vibe. Pair them with your pyjamas for a chic weekend at-home look.

Low-rise Pants

Remember the low-rise denim trend back in the 2000s? This popular Y2K clothing trend from the past has been fashioned into modern-day dressing in the form of casual low-rise joggers and lounge pants.

Y2K Baby Tees

Y2K baby tees have perhaps the most popular trend last year.  The crop top versions of the iconic baby tees from the 2000s were a style staple for casual daytime look. Several designers chose to convey powerful messages through these tees. The Y2K baby tees were are basically short-sleeved cotton t-shirts with prints and embroideries.

Baguette Bags

Baguettes are little shoulder bags with small straps carrying the signature teen look from the Y2K era. Though comparatively smaller in size, baguettes are spacious and can accommodate your essentials. If you’re on a lunch date with your friends, carry a baguette to add a dash of style, utility and comfort to your look.


Let’s admit it, we’ve seen tracksuits everywhere in 2021. Right from high-street to relaxed lounge wears, tracksuits have been a popular trend last year. Spice up the signature look with a chic handbag and a pair of sneakers. When it comes to tracksuits, opt for single colours or go all the way with prints and enjoy the fun vibe.