Why is DIY car detailing considered a bad option?

Car detailing is done to ensure your car is in good condition. Such servicing specifically involves enhancing the vehicle’s external cosmetic look and inner cabin appearance. It may include removing and adding different components to clean, repair, polish, paint and treat the car. However, professional auto detailing is an expensive process, so most individuals opt for DIY detailing.

DIY solutions can save big on your money; if you are not an expert, it can cost you double. Carrying out the process of auto detailing with limited knowledge and training can cause several negative results. Here are some points why DIY car detailing is not a good option for you.

Damage to your car

Many people don’t know whether the products and processes they are using for detailing are right for their vehicle or not. If the solution has a high pH level, it may wipe out your car’s polish or ceramic coating. For instance, rim acid can severely damage the rim. Cleaning chrome rims with the acidic solution can fade them. Without prior knowledge and training, it is never suggested to detail your car

Damage to your health

The DIY negative outcome doesn’t just impact your car, but your health too! The improper use of chemicals and the wrong process can lead to health issues. Acidic solutions can damage your lungs and hands if safety precautions are not adopted.

Financial loss

While you choose DIY for some savings, if you end up damaging your vehicle, the repair price hikes up to $1500. If experts do the detailing, these expenditures can be avoided.

Inefficient work

You are wrong if you thought you could do splendid detailing just by watching a few YouTube videos. It needs training, knowledge and experience to become a professional detailer. You should also use quality products. If not, they will offer more damage than results. An inexperienced person will never know how to clean a car step-by-step. He may not know how to paint a car in a specific pattern which may yield shabby results.

Need to re-work again and again

While professional detailing lasts from six to twelve months, you may feel the need to detail sooner when you do it on your own. The lack of knowledge and expertise will not give long-lasting results to your details, and you may feel the need sooner.

Do things correctly by hiring a professional

Most people don’t want to take the risk when it comes to cars. They don’t want anything wrong and hence choose professionals to detail their vehicle. Choose a certified, experienced company that has trained professionals to perform efficient detailing. Speak to them to know their knowledge of detailing. Check their certification to know they excel in this field. This way, you will have the best auto detailing results without sustaining any damages.

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