When to Hire a Public Notary in Dubai

A public notary in Dubai is an authorized person the local government designated in administering oaths, taking declarations and affidavits, certifying copies of legal documents, and authenticating contracts and other legal documents.

When should I seek notarial services in UAE?

When assessing whether there’s a need for you to engage with a public notary in Dubai, UAE, review their notarial services and duties or responsibilities, which are as follows:

  • Preparation of mortgages, wills, and all other legal documents
  • Administration of oaths and taking affidavits or declarations that will be used in any legal matter
  • Authenticating and legalizing affidavits, testimonies, or other forms of legal declarations
  • Explaining legal processes and policies which are to be followed
  • Authenticating, witnessing, or certifying validity of signatures and identity of signatories on documents
  • Acting as a third party or impartial observer for prevention of theft and fraud within private and public matters
  • Notarizing documents through embossing of seal or stamp or singing which verifies presence of signatories during signing of particular documents
  • Making sure signatories are assessed before the public notary puts a seal of approval onto corresponding documents
  • Reporting of any issue e.g., potential fraud as soon as the issue arises
  • Ensuring there is no coercion for signing a document that’s exercised in a party to a legal contract and all other legal documents
  • Verifying documents and ensuring they are acceptable for notarization as they fulfill the preset conditions
  • Being present when legal cases or litigation require approvals
  • Certifying documents as true copies of the originals
  • Maintaining necessary stock of seals, stamps, and materials
  • Keeping records of the notarized documents, ensuring there’s ready and accurate for public reference

Where can I have documents notarized in Dubai, UAE?

Business owners and individuals in UAE used to have to travel to the nearest notary public offices in order to have documents undergo the proper process of document notarization in UAE. If you are in a city or close to a public notary in Dubai, then there is no problem in having document notarized. For those who are based in more rural settings or a place where a public notary isn’t close by, the alternative will be to arrange a specific time for traveling to a notary office in the city.

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This is not exactly the most convenient of situations as there will be lots of time and effort involved. Document notarization is even more complicated when there are several people who will be signing the legal documents. Things, fortunately, are changing.

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Public notaries in Dubai, UAE now provide mobile notarial services. Mobile notarial services in Dubai are provided not just in the bustling emirate but across the country as well. Mobile notaries will travel to your location or any location that’s more convenient for you. You won’t have to visit a mobile notary’s office. This is beneficial for those who don’t have a significant amount of time to allocate for document notarization.

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Why should I hire a Dubai mobile notary public?

A mobile notary in Dubai offers the same notarial services as traditional notaries but with more benefits, which are as follows:

  • Money savings – a mobile notary in Dubai will come to you whenever and wherever in the country. This means you won’t have to close your business early, spend money on public transportation or fuel, or lose trade. Yes, mobile notarial services can cost more as there will be an extra fee to cover the travel costs of the public official but you will still end up saving a considerable amount of money. This is in comparison to having to travel to a notary public’s office.Click here to know more about webmagazine420
  • Less stress – having to deal with complex jargon and paperwork can be very stressful for most. The last thing that busy entrepreneurs and individuals want is to worry about locating a public notary’s location and traveling to the office. Mobile notaries allow for total relaxation. Should you choose to hire a reputable service provider, you will also get advice before your meeting on wheat you should prepare for a notarial service.click here for  more : pagalmovies

When you contact a mobile notary in Dubai, there are some crucial things that you need to do. They are the following:

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  • Make sure you are available when the public official arrives
  • Have all of the necessary documents ready for notarial service
  • All documents are to be in English or Arabic, depending on your needs and requirements
  • Ensure signatories of legal documents to be notarized are in the language that they understand
  • Signatories must be free from intoxication to be allowed to sign legal documents

For a sure and safe transaction with a public notary in Dubai, only hire a trusted service provider who’s been in the industry for years or even decades. For more information regarding the services of public notaries, call in Notary Public Dubai today!

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