What’s the Nightlife Like in Memphis, TN?

Sometimes we all need a break. Even if we are looking to move to a new city with our whole family, it’s good to know what there is to do when you have a babysitter. Most cities offer a few options, but some cities know how to party. Below we will discover what kind of nightlife is available in this southern city.

Beale Street Has Been Hot Since the 20s

Similar to some other cities in Tennessee, Memphis is a central hub for music, and with good reason. Beale Street is a famous street in Memphis that has been the center of Memphis nightlife since the 1920s. Not only was it hopping for dancing and drinking, but it was also a great place for crime. With the bad, also came the good. Blues music was born on this street. 

Check out Mr. Handy’s Blues Hall, the Memphis Rock n Soul Museum, or Coyote Ugly. Some of these may sound very familiar. But whatever isn’t familiar, you can learn about it at the museum. B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Memphis Minnie, and Louis Armstrong were some of the prominent blues figures to play in the clubs of Memphis between the 20s and the 40s.

This led to Memphis becoming one of the greatest music cities in the United States. It is now a center for music and entertainment. Graceland is another popular music destination for visitors. Any Elvis fans know that Graceland is the home of the very famous rock and roll musician, Elvis Presley. 

Food is the Universal Language

Some of the most delicious foods come right out of Memphis. Start your day right at Cafe Eclectic with coffee straight from Italy. Or possibly a few cups from the French Press. Treat yourself to a homemade waffle or fresh pastry made daily. If you’re vegan, fear not. They make pancakes from scratch that are 100% vegan.

You wouldn’t be in Memphis if you weren’t sampling at least some soul food on your stay. The Four Way Soul Food Restaurant has been operating for over 70 years and has served Martin Luther King Jr., Al Greene, and Tina Turner. Try the country-fried steak and fried green tomatoes. Finish it up with a slice of lemon meringue pie. It’s good enough you’ll be looking at Memphis houses for sale in no time!

And for dinner, try something unique. Food trucks are becoming very popular and one of the best ones we’ve tried is Stickam. Although the truck can travel anywhere, there is a restaurant located right in Memphis. A play on words, Stickem offers an array of kabobs as some of their most famous meals. Lamb, tofu, shrimp, or steak – are just some of the options to top off the best day of eating you’ll ever experience. 

Kid Fun for Adults

There are several options for having fun after dark that aren’t going to a bar or a club. Visit the Haunted Web of Horrors. They have 3 escape rooms and 3 haunted houses that are open in October and December. This is for the spooky and horror lovers in all of us. It has raving reviews and is said to be the best haunted attraction in the state. 

The Rec Room is another fantastic place to visit after dark. This place serves alcohol but it also serves foosball, giant Jenga, and air hockey. There are arcade games and other child-like games that – let’s face it – never get old as we grow up. And if you’re looking to live on the edge, try the ax throwing. If games aren’t your thing, just relax and watch a movie while you sip on some beers with your buds.

If you take even half of what we recommend in this article, you’re guaranteed a good time. Plan your visit to this southern city and you won’t be disappointed. While you’re in Tennessee, check out the other famous Tennessee cities of Nashville and Knoxville. Nashville is best if you’re looking to expand your musical destinations. 

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