What Your SEO Company Means When They Talk About “PPC”

When working with an SEO company, they may sometimes use phrases that you are not familiar with. One of the phrases that you are highly likely to come across is “PPC”. “PPC” stands for “Pay Per Click” and is a form of advertisement that is usually a large part of the work of your SEO company. We unpack exactly what PPC means and what you can expect from it.

What is PPC?

Before you find out more about PPC and if it is appropriate for you and your business, it is important to get a thorough understanding of what exactly it is. As mentioned, PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it is a form of advertising that is often considered the most effective and budget friendly. Any reputable SEO company is likely to offer it as a service.

PPC works by only charging advertisers a fee when customers click on their ad. This process is most frequently done on search engines such as Google but may also be done on social media platforms such as Facebook. You can bid for a spot on search engines that promote your website at the top of search results. If searchers then click on your link (because it appears first) and visit your website, you will pay the search engine a fee. This fee depends on many factors such as demand.

Buying visits to your website in this way is an extremely popular method of boosting your traffic, sales and more. This is why PPC is such a popular method of advertising for your SEO company to suggest.

When Should I Use PPC?

If you are new to digital marketing and looking for a quick, effective, and legitimate boost to your sales, PPC is a great option to try. An expert SEO company will be able to set you up a highly effective campaign that encourages customers to visit your website, all while staying within your desired budget.

PPC is the perfect little boost to show people searching for services like yours that your business is here and ready to deliver. Your SEO company will be able to advise on the best campaign strategy for you based on your specific goals.

What Will I Achieve from PPC?

The main reason that PPC will likely be suggested by your SEO company is that it is usually the most cost effective and successful form of advertising. Usually, getting people to visit your website in the first place will be worth more than what you pay to have your website positioned at the top of search engine results.

For example, if you are selling a product or service for, say, $200, paying $2 for an advertisement in order to attract people to that service is well worth it in the end. If, at the very least, 1 in 100 people who click on your advertisement make a purchase, you have made your money back. This is why your SEO company is likely to encourage the use of PPC, it is one of the most cost effective advertising and marketing solutions.

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