What to do after a road accident in LA? Here’s your guide!

Although unfortunate, road accidents are not rare in Los Angeles. You could someday have the misfortune of getting injured in an accident, and when that happens, you have to regain your composure and deal with the aftermath in a sensible manner. Talking to one of the car accident attorneys Los Angeles can help, but before that, here are some steps you need to take immediately after the incident. 

  • Call 911. If you have sustained injuries, don’t delay calling 911. You should also seek medical help for other injured drivers and passengers. Don’t be tricked into assuming that your injuries are not serious. Many accident injuries show up weeks later, and you could end up spending weeks at home recovering from the damage. 
  • Inform the police. Don’t let anyone trick you into doing otherwise. The other driver may claim that they would settle things amicably with you, but always call the police after a car crash/accident, no matter how minor. Wait for an investigating officer to come to the scene. 
  • Don’t admit to anything. Even when you believe that you could have been responsible for the crash to an extent, do not admit anything to anyone. You need to ensure that things don’t go haywire because you believe the other driver was at fault. 
  • Get the details. While confrontations won’t help, you may want to talk to the other driver and seek key details like contact and insurance info. If there were witnesses to the scene, note down their details.
  • Take photos and/or videos. Take as many videos and photos of the scene as you can, including images of your damaged vehicle and personal injuries. During the crash investigation, all these details may come in handy. 
  • Inform your insurer. Always call your insurance company and notify them of the crash. Be very vague and don’t admit fault or blame the other party. Share the basic details, and until you have a lawyer, keep your conversation as simple as possible. 
  • Get a lawyer. Hiring the right accident attorney can make or break your case, and thankfully, there are numerous law firms in LA. Make sure that you hire a lawyer you can trust for experience and expertise. Let them deal with the insurance company and everything related to the accident claim. 

If you are looking for accident attorneys, check websites like Nolo and Avvo for help, or ask around for references.

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