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What Should I Know Before Buying Lace Front Wigs?

by Levi


Wigs have a long history. In the Middle Ages, wigs were a symbol of aristocratic status. In the 21st century, wigs have become a fashion item alongside clothing, jewelry, skirts, and more. Among all kinds of wigs, lace wigs are the one that can bring you the most natural experience. Lace front wigs, as the most representative and most applicable wig in the lace wig family, we must know enough about it before buying.

What is a lace front lace wig?

Front lace wigs are important because of their versatility and their natural look when the wig is worn. As the name says, the front lace wig has an invisible lace mesh at the front with hair strands sewn into the lace mesh. The lace on the front of the wig helps the base of the wig blend in with the natural skin tone of the forehead. The lace front wig also has baby hair in the front for a realistic feel. The installation of a front lace wig involves styling your natural hair under the wig and then using glue or lace tape to secure the wig to the scalp. Before fitting the wig, you will need to cut the lace to complement your facial contours and natural hairline. The lace mesh on the front makes the wig breathable and keeps natural hair fresh under the wig. Here are a few things you should consider before buying a front lace wig for yourself.

Lace Front Lace Wig and Hat Type

Before buying front lace wigs, you should know enough about the types of hats that form the basis of these wigs. Lace front wigs are mainly composed of wig cap and lace area. The hair of the lace part needs to be woven into the lace net one by one by using a crochet hook by a professional wig maker. The lace cap part needs to be sewn by an experienced wig sewer to sew human hair bundles. This process cannot be replaced by a machine, so every human hair wigs sewn from human hair bundles is a precious handicraft.

Some wig caps are not elastic enough to stretch. These wigs can easily tear if not used properly. Therefore, people who are unfamiliar with wigs and lack sufficient skills and knowledge to handle wigs should avoid using such wigs. Also, there are wig caps that allow ear-to-ear stretch, perfect for those who are just starting out with lace front wigs. Another type of cap structure is one that allows for stretching in the crown area.

Lace Front Wigs and Durability

Before choosing a front lace wig, you should decide how long you want to wear it. Some people wear wigs on certain occasions, while others may wear wigs every day. The latter option requires these people to regularly wash their wigs and the hair underneath to avoid sweat, sebum, and dirt buildup. For those who regularly wear lace front wigs, a spare lace front wig is a lifesaver. It helps them rotate between the two wigs while maintaining good hygiene. People who wear lace front wigs for a long time should do a patch test to check for any sensitivity to lace glue or tape. This can cause scalp irritation, which can damage the natural hairline. Similar to other types of wigs, front lace wigs also require adequate maintenance and proper storage to last longer.

Lace Front Wigs and Hairstyling

With a lace front wig, hair styling can be a fun process. The lace mesh on the front gives a natural look and allows you to style the front and back tresses.

If you buy a lace wig that is 100% human hair wigs, then you can totally use a curling iron to try out more styles. Curly wigs feel more vibrant and give you a trendy look. However, be careful not to use excessive heat when heating the wig to curl it. Although high temperature can quickly make the wig curl, it is also easy to excessively damage the protein structure of the wig, reducing its service life. Therefore, I recommend that you use a low-to-medium temperature with multiple heats for the final look. Alternatively, you can ask a professional stylist to use a potion that changes the structure of the cuticles for a better look.

Front Lace Wigs and Types of hair

According to the different types of wigs, wigs can be divided into animal hair wigs, artificial protein wigs, artificial plastic wigs, and human hair wigs. Among all the types of wigs, only human hair wigs is the closest to human hair. . If you’re after a natural look and want a durable wig, then human hair wigs must be your only answer.

Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can be restyled with normal hair dye and bleach just like your natural hair. That is to say, if you are a colorful wigs lover and have purchased a pair of black human hair wigs, then you can completely bleach and dye your hair to make the wig the color you want.


Front lace wigs are a great alternative to full lace wigs, as the lace-free back and front lace mesh provide strength and support to keep your hairline looking natural. Before buying a front lace wig, you should clearly understand the types of hats and their uses, the durability of the wig, the installation, care, maintenance of the wig, and the determining factors of the price of the front lace wig. Before choosing one for yourself, you should check out the different kinds of front lace wigs.

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