What is the hottest Tufina watch right now?

Recently, we’ve noticed a huge boom in Tufina’s popularity, especially for one of their striking models. Today we’re going to explore the reasons why St. Petersburg from the Theorema collection is the hottest watch in the market for 2023. This exceptional timepiece has become a favorite for both watch aficionados and gentlemen who simply prefer dressing in luxury. If you want to hop onto the train of these magnetic timepieces, read on to learn more about the key features of this watch.

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St. Petersburg Theorema | GM-121-4 | Gold – Overview

St. Petersburg is a bold and extravagant timepiece which has quickly become one of the defining pieces of the Theorema collection. This magnificent timepiece features an in-house  automatic movement with 20 rubies at a 21,600 VPH. The low-beat guarantees outstanding reliability and longer durability as it allows for less friction on the watch’s components. The incabloc-type shock protection makes this a highly resistant watch, properly protected from external factors. Moreover, the 3 ATM water resistance makes this timepiece a reliable accessory for everyday use. 

When it comes to the design, St. Petersburg stands out as an exquisite classic timepiece with a modern touch. Its see-through composition allows for the fascinating display of the inner mechanisms of the watch. The rectangular case creates a contemporary aesthetic while the fine gold details add a layer of elegance and finesse to this masterpiece. The skeleton double-coloured hands are not only easily visible, but also beautifully paired with the rest of the design. Everything is tied together with the brown genuine cow leather band, which compliments the color scheme perfectly. 

What do people love most about St. Petersburg?

What makes this timepiece easily stand out from the rest is the fascinating skeletonized composition with the 5 micron gold plating. This brilliantly engraved watch provides amazing value for its price. Built to last for years, this is one of the best affordable luxury watches in the market. What more can you ask from a shock-protective mechanical watch?

Fully handmade, St. Petersburg is the product of countless hours of work. Every watch admirer can easily notice the intricate details of this timepiece upon looking at it. Those who have chosen to get this gorgeous timepiece know that they are holding a limited edition timepiece of great mechanical and sentimental value. 

Last but not least, we can’t help but mention the striking design. St. Petersburg is undeniably the best gold men’s watch in the market. If you prefer a timeless watch with a fancy appeal, this elegantly detailed timepiece aims to please. If you want something to better suit a  colder skin complexion, you will find that St. Petersburg is available in other color schemes, including  silver,  blue, white/blue, white/gold, rose and black. 

Some notes on engineering

It is worth mentioning that St. Petersburg is the product of a German watch brand. As such, this made-in-Germany timepiece represents the highest standards of German watchmaking. With an  in-house movement and authentic materials, this timepiece manifests the core values of a long tradition of mastery. 

The reason why this timepiece comes in a limited supply is the fact that Tufina produces completely handmade watches. They are individually made by hand. The hours of work that go into producing these timepieces, as well as the intricate process involved, testify the exceptional quality that is guaranteed when purchasing a Tufina watch. 

Final Words

I choose to buy Tufina’s St. Petersburg after hearing about it so often and I can honestly say it’s one of the best purchases I ever made. The watch easily elevates every single one of my looks. I feel confident when wearing it out in meetings and parties. You just can’t go wrong with such a timeless look. I’ve had so many compliments from friends who were immediately struck by the skeletonized design. Ever since I bought it, I’ve worn it almost everyday. For such a convenient price, the craftsmanship and high-end quality of this watch are almost unbelievable. If you’re looking for a robust luxury watch, St. Petersburg is one of the most attractive timepieces in the market right now.