What is the Geography Syllabus for UPSC?

UPSC Exams are one of the most competitive assessments in our country. Each year, lakhs of aspirants prepare for this assessment and appear to take this entrance exam. All of these candidates have only one ambition and that is to pass the final UPSC Mains and get their respective jobs.

With the right techniques and proper management, one can pass this assessment to pick their dreams. Here, in this write-up, we are going to illustrate and talk about the geography syllabus for UPSC.

What is there in the Geography syllabus UPSC?

Geography is comprehended as one of the most crucial subjects from the marking/score point of view. The questions from this crucial portion are asked in the prelims assessment and also in the assessment of the main. Therefore, aspirants are advised to comprehend the syllabus very carefully.

There are certain categories of Geography that shallbe prepared thoroughly like Indian geography, world geography, physical geography and more.

In Indian geography, the problems are asked from the basics of Indian states, about the rivers, the physical characteristics of our country, the distinct climatic conditions of our country, also about the industries, and many other topics. In world geography, the problems are asked largely from world climatic conditions and geography. It may consist of the regional geography of any continent or any particular country.

In physical geography, the problems are asked about our planet, the atmosphere and a lot more. In human geography, the problems are asked about our alltimesmagazine country’s civilization or any other country’s civilization, various financial problems.

The deeper the aspirants will study the geographical problems, the more promising their preparation will get. The syllabus of geography is very thorough and detailed. It is a good way to attain a decent mark for the aspirants.

Do you get UPSC Syllabus in Hindi?

The aspirants must be aware that UPSC has primarily 3 assessments and those are, prelims, mains, and interviews.  Apart from the compulsory subject, the aspirants should also have to select an optional subject for themselves. And one of those optional subjects is Hindi literature. The UPSC syllabus in Hindi for the subject Hindi will make more sense and will be easier for you to understand.

This optional subject will hold one of the most crucial significance in the selection of aspirants. Now, we are going to illustrate and talk about the UPSC syllabus of Hindi.

We know that Hindi is the only terminology that is known by the majority of the population of our country. But, the problems asked in the assessment of the UPSC exam require deep knowledge of this subject. The Hindi language consists of literature, poetries, language, and much more.

The cumulative mark for this subject is 500. 250 marks are asked moviesverse for each assessment. The syllabus for this subject is the Katha Sahitya which encompasses novels.  The next one is drama and theatre. In this, the problems are asked about the ancestry of the Indian drama and more. The problems can also be inquired about the various famous Indian dramatists. Hindi and other subjects’ Syllabus for UPSC is vast.

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