What is the Difference Between the Best Essay Writing Service and a Scam?

Not every essay writing company is a scam and not all of them are genuine. If you have no experience with the academic writing field, it’s easy to fall on the wrong side when ordering your paper. Since the first experience matters, it is better to take time and search for the best essay writing service.

With every essay writing company that you get on the internet claiming to be genuine, your task for getting the best becomes tougher. The secret will be to know how to differentiate between a scam and a genuine essay writing website. Here are the differences.

If your browser keeps warning you the ‘best’ essay writing service website is not safe, take heed

A genuine best website for writing papers invests heavily in their website security. They want their customers to feel safe when logged in to their website. They must protect your personal details, credit card details, and your papers.

They buy SSL and other licenses that enable data encryption for maximum security. They invest in a secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) website. Scams do not care about your security; they aim to get your money and vanish. If you open their website, your browser will likely warn you that the site is not secure. Just know you are likely dealing with a scam and you should exit immediately.

A service claiming to be the best essay writing service but it’s too cheap to be true

A genuine best essay writing service charges affordable prices but they also consider reasonable charges. They have many responsibilities that demand money to sustain them. For example, they have experienced writers who must be paid well to continue writing quality papers. They have an office to pay, families to take care of, and other overhead expenditures. They must charge reasonably to be able to take care of every need.

Scams are different because their aim is not to help you write quality papers but to get money from you. Most of them do not have someone they can be accountable to. Their office is their bedroom or somewhere they know no one will ever get them.

They can surprise you with a per-page charge of $10 or below. Unless they are not willing to hire qualified writers, this is a red-light warning that they are a scam.

If a best essay writing company has too many negative reviews, you have every reason to avoid it

Every essay writing services review is supposed to help you make an informed decision whether the writing service you are about to hire is genuine. These are the main criteria students use when judging on the right service. A genuine service will have a lot of positive online reviews from qualified students.

On the other hand, scams get a lot of negative online reviews from angry, dissatisfied students. They get negative reviews because they either take students’ money and never deliver a paper, or take the money but deliver very poor, shoddy papers. You should avoid such a company at all costs.

The best essay writing service has 24/7 support, user agreement, and guarantees

A genuine best essay writing company has a lively customer support team. They are available 24/7 to provide quality services to customers. Most of them will request you to sign a user agreement form that you will use the services and access the website responsibly.

They want to make sure everyone visiting the website is safe at all times. They give several written guarantees for quality service delivery. They give security guarantees, paper quality, and transparency guarantees.

Scam sites never provide support to their customers. If a customer sends queries or makes calls, they are never answered. There is no agreement they sign with their clients or any kind of guarantee they give.