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What is the difference between black caviar and red caviar?

by Levi

Black Caviar:

A sought-after seafood delicacy. Famous for its unique taste and texture. It’s Fish roe that comes exclusively from fish of the Acipenseridae family, otherwise called sturgeon. The eggs can be farm-raised or typically come from wild sturgeon.

Serving and Taste

These eggs are salted and cured for a typical black caviar flavor. This caviar frequently fills in as an hors d’oeuvre, tidbit, or main course. It can be consumed by itself or with other foods like crackers or toast points.

The flavor of black caviar https://lemberg.ae/product-category/sturgeon-caviar/ is generally regarded as creamier and richer. Additionally, many recipes, including salads, pasta dishes, and omelets, include caviar.


It’s important to know that black caviar is more expensive than red ones. The reason behind it is valid as the population of sturgeon and fish families is declining yearly. On a scale of seven billion people, private farms do not even come close to solving this issue. Resultantly, it’s no surprise that dark caviar is the most costly fish roe.

Red Caviar:

Red caviar is a high-end food item. A Fish roe that comes from a salmonid; is any fish having a place with the Salmonidae family. It is found in the Caspian Sea region. Salmon, trout, and eel are other fish that can be used to make red caviar.

Serving and taste

This roe is gathered and then carefully cooked to keep its delicious flavor and texture intact. It is then mostly jarred or flasked and is sold as a food item in many specialty food stores. Its taste is amazingly tasty, even if the grains are tiny.

A few experts contend that the little eggs of salmon fish are better regarding taste. Red caviar has a superior taste to black. The flavor is more intense. Although it contains a lot of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, red caviar has a lot of cholesterol. In moderation, it should be included in a healthy diet.

Less expensive

These are considered comparatively not costly as compared to black caviar. It is less expensive than black caviar because it’s made from a common type of surgeon known as sevruga.

Bottom Line

There are numerous ways of sorting the different kinds of caviar and fish roe. The least difficult, most conventional, and generally utilized strategy for classification is the dark caviar/red caviar framework. This isolates caviar and fish roe dependent freely upon the shade of the eggs.

This exemplary method isn’t comprehensive to a wide range of fish roe, yet characterizes dark caviar as a roe from a sturgeon and red caviar as a roe from a salmonid.

Fish roe from a sturgeon is viewed as dark caviar in light of the fact that the eggs are normally hazier in variety. Red, orange, and, surprisingly, yellow fish roe typically from salmon (once in a while trout, whitefish, and so on) is known as red caviar in spite of not really meeting the standard definition for caviar

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