What is the Best Place to Sell Bitcoin Instantly?

After making a profit from buying crypto, the next question you will want answers to is “What is the best place to sell Bitcoin instantly?” The simple answer is that there is no better time to sell your crypto than when you know the market is at its peak.

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Investors who want to cash in on their Bitcoin holding have several options to do so safely either offline or online. This post discusses the best ways to sell your Bitcoin instantly.

In the crypto market, you will come across three different kinds of investors: day-to-day buyers, sellers, and HODLers. The number of crypto selling and buying platforms seems almost limitless, but not all of them can be trusted.

This is why it helps to know the best site to buy and sell Bitcoin fast. The exchange you sign up for will have a huge impact on how much crypto you can sell and the payment methods available to you.

If you know the fastest exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin, you can take advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility to make some money.

Here are the best places to sell your BTC instantly

1. NakitCoins exchange

NakitCoins decentralized exchange is one of the top Turkish crypto platforms to sell Bitcoin instantly. The leading crypto cashpoint broker offers instant Bitcoin cash-out services with no limits attached. You can swap digital currencies on NakitCoins and buy BTC with your credit card or Neosurf cash voucher.

2. Coinbase

This US-based exchange is very popular in the crypto sphere, thanks to its services being available worldwide, spanning over 100 countries. Coinbase supports connecting your crypto account to your PayPal account, and this means you can send the funds straight into your PayPal account after selling your Bitcoin. This feature is currently accessible to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the EU.

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Although you may not be able to buy Bitcoins directly via PayPal on Coinbase, cashing out your funds is easy-peasy. Coinbase is the best exchange to sell Bitcoin for USD.

Here is how to use Coinbase with your PayPal account:

  •   Create your user account on Coinbase and verify it
  •   After logging in, click on Settings > Linked Accounts > Link a New Account.
  •   Add your PayPal details and you are ready to transfer money right away.

This method is one of the best ways to sell BTC and get your funds instantly.

3. Cex.io

Do you want to sell BTC using your credit card? London-based exchanges like CEX.io allow you to make withdrawals and send the proceeds to your credit card. This method of selling Bitcoin is much faster than wire transfer. That said, credit card transactions are way more expensive.

With Cex.io, you can withdraw your crypto funds via your MasterCard or Visa Card. Account. The withdrawal limits depend on your tier of verification, and the fees can vary between 1.2% and 3% based on the particular card used.

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