What is psilocybin and how to buy shrooms online in Canada

In recent years, research with hallucinogenic substances has advanced overwhelmingly. Several benefits have been discovered that are very healthy for the mind and nervous system. Although it should always be considered that abuse has consequences, this does not mean that hallucinogenic substances cannot be used to treat some conditions, as long as it is done responsibly and under supervision.

The use of hallucinogens is ancient, and people have used them for centuries as a ritual element. There are many varieties and different cultures in mushrooms that have incorporated them into their religious practices; what may surprise is that it has been lost in the ignorance demonizing mushrooms and leaving aside their great benefits.

There wouldn’t be much difference between a mushroom-based treatment than using artificial psychotropics if you think about it. Furthermore, so much is currently known about mushrooms and their benefits that Health Canada has issued licenses for online shrooms and other psilocybin-based products as a therapeutic agent. But it would be necessary to define what psilocybin is and what its effect is on the body.

What are magic mushrooms Canada and psilocybin?

In the first place, there are more than one hundred and eighty varieties of mushrooms, at least which are known so far. Each of their types has a wide variety of strains, and each one can have some differences in terms of its phenotype, but in the end, what really matters is the psilocybin content. This is the substance that causes hallucinogenic effects in those who ingest them, and that is where the key to everything is. As long as the dose of psilocybin can be controlled, different effects on the body and positive results can be obtained in many treatments.

Psilocybin interacts with serotonin receptors. Its high affinity with all these transmitters makes it compatible with all those that control sensory and motor signals; that is, it acts on both the cerebral cortex and the thalamus. This effect causes all the sensory alterations, which, being properly regulated, can bring notable benefits in treatments for depression, anxiety and, in some cases, a good adjunct in treatments against addictions.

In Canada, it is legal to buy shrooms online

For some years now, the sale of this type of substance has been regulated throughout the Canadian territory. Today you can buy psilocybin-based products online. These products are made and formulated by expert personnel, and each one of the presentations is precisely dosed. The wide variety of products, as well as the different formulations, allows users to choose the appropriate dose and that is within the legal range.

It should be noted that the minimum age to buy these products is established within the county in which you reside. As you know, Canada’s federal system allows the provinces to legislate autonomously, which is why in some areas, the minimum age is nineteen years, while in others, it is eighteen. In both cases, you need to be of legal age to buy any of these products, even the lowest doses.

One of the most reputable dispensaries in Canada is shroom bros. This website offers quality products made under the strictest security standards and protocols and compliance with current legislation. They also provide a reasonably efficient delivery system, and their prices are not the highest, so it is an excellent option to purchasing your magic shrooms online.

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