What is Liposuction in New York City?

Generally, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery whose primary goal is to remove the excess fats from your body. Over the last couple of years, individuals have undergone this surgery to remove belly fat, reduce breast size, and other functions. Currently, this medical sector is evolving rapidly with innovations every day. In fact, many experts forecast that this industry will continue rising.

Currently, New York City is among the safest cities to undergo liposuction surgery globally. Why? Because of the available technologies, equipment, and experts. This article explores liposuction in this big city and some critical practices that make it the best place to undergo surgery. Check it out!

Evolution of Liposuction in NYC

The liposuction surgery originated in Rome, Italy, under a famous gynaecologist, Dr Giorgio Fischer. For four years, the surgery was only available in the country until a plastic surgeon in France in the late 1970s explored the surgery. In 1982, the United States of America adopted the liposuction theory. During these days, it was only available under the general anaesthesia option. Not to mention, the technology was outdated and paid little attention to the health of the patients.

Back in the day, the surgery was very risky. The statistics showed that many people who underwent surgery suffered from severe bleeding, resulting in several death cases. In the next couple of years, the tumescent liposuction technique was invented by Dr Jeffrey Klein, a dermatologist. What makes this method better than general anaesthesia? This technique specialized in numbing the areas with the excess fat with local anaesthesia. It works under the principle of enlarging these fat areas easing the fat suction process. This technique makes the trauma less, and it is less painful. Not to mention, the chances of bleeding and other risks are long. The tumescent liposuction technique is among the best innovation in this area which reduces the risks.

Currently, most of the liposuction clinics in NYC use the tumescent technique for all the available cases. Also, all the experts available have learned all the fundamentals from pioneers with experience.

Also, there is the latest liposuction innovation, the WaterLipo, by Dr Levine. It is one of the best breakthroughs in liposuction surgeries that make the invasion in your body minimal, and the fat suction process is permanent. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the fat going back to the wrong places. This technique uses water to wash out the fat from your body. It is currently the safest and powerful fat suction method that you can come across. Besides, this technique leaves your body looking natural and the patient feeling okay.

Note that there are different powerful machines available for liposuction surgery. However, doctors must pay attention to the lasers they use. Health experts advise the use of lasers that has minimal risks.


The field of liposuction surgery is improving with time as health experts innovate new technologies and tools to ease the process. This article explains facts about liposuction in New York, explaining the evolution of the different techniques. Also, it highlights the critical technologies that make Liposuction in NYC the best globally.

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