What Happens If a Car Accident Occurs While I Am at Work?

Have you ever been involved in an automobile accident in Arizona while working? If this is the case, you probably have concerns about who will pay for your repair costs or medical expenditures. Get help from an Arizona lawyer.

When Is My Employer Liable for My Car’s Damage?

Depending on the specifics, an employer may or may not be held accountable for an employee’s involvement in an automobile accident. Generally speaking, your employer is only responsible for incidents that occur while you are on the clock and actively participating in work-related activities.

If you were to have a car accident while driving, your employer might be accountable for the damage:

  • a delivery vehicle that you utilize only to transport goods for the business
  • vehicle hire for business travel to another city
  • a business vehicle whenever and whenever
  • Move From One Off-Site Work Location to Another

When Is My Employer Not Responsible for Damage?

Your employer will not often be held liable for accident-related car damage. In the following cases, you could be liable for your repairs:

  • You were meant to be at work, but you wrecked because you were driving for a reason unrelated to your job.
  • You wrecked because you were operating a vehicle while inebriated or because you did anything else that was against the rules set out by your company.
  • At the time of the collision, you were operating a work-related vehicle but had diverted from the planned path to do a personal errand.

Who Else Could Be Responsible for an On-the-Job Car Crash?

In the event of an automobile accident, while you are working, one or more people who are not your employer may be held accountable, including:

  • Other road users – If another road user, such as a driver or a pedestrian, contributed to the collision, they may be held accountable.
  • Vehicle makers – If a mechanical breakdown resulting from faulty product design contributed to the accident, the vehicle manufacturer might be held accountable.
  • Vehicle mechanics – If a technician or repair facility neglected to properly diagnose or address defective auto parts that contributed to the collision, you could be able to hold them liable.
  • Local authorities If bad road conditions or a lack of warning signs contributed to the accident, a local government agency could be held accountable.

What If I Work As A Freelancer?

Being an independent contractor essentially makes you self-employed. Even if you were being paid to work for someone else when the accident happened, you could not hold that person’s employer responsible for damage to your car.

However, if a client or other party contributed in any way to the accident, you could hold them liable for crash damage.