What does a truck dispatcher do?

When discussing transport companies, people most often think about truckers and logicians. Thanks to truck drivers, loads travel considerable distances to their destination. and thanks to logicians, transport companies receive a constant profit. But there is an equally important specialist, without whom there would be no adequate cargo transportation. And these are truck dispatchers. 

What do these workers do, and why are they so important? To understand this, we need to start with concepts. The truck dispatchers from this company provided them.

What do truck dispatchers do?

Dispatchers work with the client to plan the delivery process in the most efficient way possible. They use their communication skills and special programs to do this. These specialists have many responsibilities, and we’ll tell you about some of the main ones included in the standard services of a trucking company’s dispatchers.

  • Delivery planning 

It involves coordinating with the customer the terms and conditions of delivery. This includes finding out about the type of cargo and choosing an appropriate truck and driver for this order. It’s also essential to know everything about the cargo in order to ensure its maximum safety during transportation.

  • Route planning

Once a dispatcher receives instructions from a client, he or she makes the most optimal route for a trucker to follow. Weather conditions, repair work, and traffic rules can prohibit the movement of groomers on some roads and dead spots.

  • Record keeping and reporting

The paperwork involved in operating a transport company consumes most of the dispatcher’s time. Dispatchers create records about the delivery and dispatch of cargo, where they indicate the routes of truckers, delivery schedules, truck maintenance, etc.

  • Quick problem-solving

Unexpected situations often arise on the road, complicating cargo delivery. The trucker is in constant contact with the dispatcher, who helps to solve these problems remotely. If this is not possible, the specialist contacts the client and discusses new terms and conditions of delivery.

  • Communication with truckers 

The truck dispatcher must receive all calls from suppliers and drivers and keep a record of them.

  • Search communication with potential customers

Transport companies always look for new customers for their services. Owner-operators are especially actively engaged in this. Therefore, dispatchers are actively engaged in cargo searches and negotiations with potential customers. They inform about the price, terms of the contract and details of cooperation.

  • Communication with customers and truckers

Dispatchers are responsible for ensuring that information from the customer reaches the truck driver and vice versa.

How to determine a good truck dispatcher

There are many independent specialists and companies on the market that offer dispatching services. How to choose the specialist who will take the business of a transport company or owner-operator to a new level? 

The truck dispatcher must meet several requirements. 

  • Concentration: as mentioned above, the dispatcher has many important tasks. And it is important not to forget anything, complete all tasks, call all customers, and pass all the information to truckers.  
  • Ability to plan routes: their main task is to minimize the loss of time and money for the transport company as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to fully meet the expectations of the client, and deliver the cargo to the right place at the right time.  The dispatcher must take into account weather conditions, repairs, and state laws prohibiting the movement of trucks on certain roads. 
  • Communication skills: The job of a truck dispatcher is to constantly communicate with different people. And you need to be prepared for different situations. Someone will be friendly, and someone will come into conflict. The dispatcher needs to be able to solve all such situations. A specialist should be able to negotiate with clients, solve problems with a truck driver and conduct business negotiations. 
  • Understanding the work of the software: dispatchers are constantly working with various programs for route planning, communication with truckers, cargo search, etc.

The dispatcher service employee has to show responsibility and professionalism and perform his duties reasonably. That is why the employee of this service primarily takes care of fulfilling all the contract terms and only then provides the contractor with orders.

What do dispatchers use in their work?

Truck dispatchers are responsible for coordinating the flow of truck traffic. Many owner-operators are interested in how they do it, and there are several ways to find out. 

Firstly, they can access download boards where information about available cargo is posted by shippers. Trucking companies have access to these boards as well, which allows dispatchers to offer their services to shippers who need transportation services. In addition, dispatchers use software applications for routing and route planning, truck locator devices, and trip logs that record the movements of every truck in their fleet. These tools help them keep track of their fleet and communicate with drivers quickly and efficiently. 

Communication is essential for dispatchers because it enables them to coordinate the movement of trucks so that goods get delivered on time while maintaining safety standards for both drivers and pedestrians on the road. When looking for a trucking company that provides transportation services, we recommend first checking out reviews from previous customers and then communicating directly with representatives from each company you’re considering hiring before making your final decision.

So, the dispatcher’s job is important and necessary for a transport company. This specialist takes on many responsibilities. Yes, individually, they seem simple and time-consuming. But if you take everything together, this is a huge layer of work that provides a continuous supply chain.