What can you hunt in the summer

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘hunting?’ Let me guess, walking through layers of snow with a survival kit to hunt down a deer? Interestingly, most hardcore hunters take a slight break from hunting during the summer. We are about to change that, find out possible options for hunting during the summertime.

Hunting options for summertime hunting

Well-experienced hunters know how to find games every season; you do not need to waste the summer waiting for fall and winter before hunting. Here, find some of the perfect hunts for the sunny season.

  • Whitetails: These are the greatest trophy if you are considering wild hunting. The whitetail buck is a major favorite sport among deer hunters. Your chance to get some of the best whitetail bucks might vary depending on your region, as several state laws determine when the hunting season begins. So, if you’ve run out of good protein in your freezer, this summer is a great time to restock some deer.
  • Birds: The thing about birds is knowing when to hunt them, either when they are at rest, perched on a branch or when they are in flight. These birds have a migration pattern and feeding habits as they spread across different regions in the country. To get the best of birds in the summer, you should direct your hunting efforts towards agricultural fields and farms. If you’re hunting birds, your most likely options will include doves, geese, crows, and pigeons. Learn how to cut carbon arrows and get ready for some quick shooting in real-time. You have to be at your best if you’re going to get a kill shot.
  • Wild hogs: These wild hogs do the worst of damage to farms and crop fields in several regions across the country, and they are one sure bet for hunting games during the summer. They have also grown in numbers in recent years, causing untold wreck and havoc to properties. Check with the hunting laws in your location to know when your hunting periods allow hunting these wild pigs.
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  • Coyotes: Several hunters make hunting Coyotes a sure sport in the summer. Their population has also increased tremendously in recent times, increasing your chances of taking a coyote home from one of your summer hunting outings. Due to the nature of coyote hunting, it is best done with the proper equipment and gear. You might also need to use bait to lure the coyotes out into the open. To get the best results for your time in the summer, you should go coyote hunting either at dusk or at dawn.
  • Squirrels: Surprisingly, squirrels are some of the overlooked animals in terms of summer hunting games. Simply set your ambush near their dwelling critters and trees. The best choice for hunting squirrels will be lightweight rifles.

How many days till deer season?

Summertime/deer season is a good period to hunt deer; the abundance of food is a chance to bulk up ahead of the winter. Deer season is amongst the biggest event for hunters. Mark the 10th of September on your calendars, prepare and countdown the days until deer season. Check out hunterexperts.com for the best hunting tips.


Summertime hunting can be fun and quite adventurous. Now that you know the best games to hunt during the solstice, you do not need to sit out June, July, August, and September; prepare for the heat also.

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