What business to invest money in 2023

Deliver food at home

If you are looking for profitable businesses with little investment, and you are good at cooking, you can set up a food delivery service at home.

Since your goal is to build a profitable business, the business model can be organized in two different ways: 

  • Prepare food in your own kitchen : you can offer the service by cooking in your own home or in a rented industrial kitchen. For delivery, you can take advantage of the distribution networks of platforms such as Uber Eats or Glovo. 
  • Deliver food from other restaurants : You can also become a delivery person for what other businesses cook. In this case, it is possible that profitability will drop a bit, because you depend on the rates set by the large platforms mentioned in the previous point. 

Delivery —food delivery at home— is a business model that has come to stay .

That is the reason why we consider that we are facing one of the booming businesses in Spain for this 2023. 

4. Content writing service

If you’re good at writing, there are a lot of companies that need to do content marketing and aren’t able to update their blogs as often as desired.

Therefore, corporate copywriting is proving to be a profitable business today with which you can earn a lot of money. 

And best of all, you don’t have to make a huge investment to get started. All you need is a computer with Internet access and a great desire to work. Also you can easily promote yourself on social media. For example TikTok! But there is always a problem. How to get more TikTok followers? Try to adapt to the environment and always try to use and make videos trendy as much as you can.

Among others, you can offer any of these services: 

  • Writing blog posts. 
  • Writing texts for web pages. 
  • Writing product sheets for an online store. 
  • Writing press releases for companies that wish to obtain greater visibility through public relations actions. 
  • Writing business presentations. 
  • Drafting of instruction manuals and technical documentation of a product. 
  • Email writing. 

The possibilities are many and they depend a bit on your skills or tastes to opt for one or another type of work. 

Also, if you do not want to exploit your branding or personal brand so that clients find you organically, you can work on platforms such as Fiverr, Twago or Freelancer, which can provide you with work as a copywriter in exchange for a commission. 

On the other hand, we believe that due to the very idiosyncrasy of this activity, it is ideal for those who want to set up profitable businesses in towns in 2023, since it is not necessary to reside in a large city to serve customers.

5. Dropshipping, one of the profitable businesses in 2023

We are convinced that dropshipping is one of the most profitable businesses in 2023. 

Online shopping statistics also confirm our opinion. Especially since there are many entrepreneurs who want to set up an online store and who do not want to risk more than necessary. You are in charge of selling the products on your website. And when someone places an order, the dropshipping provider takes care of shipping it to the final customer (after you have paid the cost price of that product).

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