What are the six positions on the basketball court?

Playing basketball is active in various court positions due to their height, weight, athletic ability, basketball skills, etc. The number of people present on the basketball court at the same time is five, so there is a saying that positions 1-6. Some friends who lack basketball knowledge sometimes watch a live broadcast will not understand the professional terms of position in the commentary. Let’s share with you.

Point guard PG

As the name suggests, point guard PG is a person in charge of the ball who needs excellent dribbling skills and a reasonable ability to distribute it. Under normal circumstances, it is to dribble the ball over the half-court, hand the ball to a better-positioned teammate, and then move to wait for the open shot have the ability. You can also hit the basket.

Split guard SG

The requirement for this position is to divide equally. Unlike the third position, SG needs to move and get an open shot before making a shot. It is best to have a stable three-pointer percentage.

Small Forward SF

One of the requirements for this position is to score, but it requires higher skills and strength. What he needs to do is not only ordinary shooting but also hitting the basket, tearing the defence, and teammates’ ability to create opportunities, that is, excellent offensive finishing ability; at the same time, they must also undertake certain defensive tasks. The pgslot online casino game is the most trusted and widespread casino games in the world.

Power Forward PF

The most important task of PF is to defend. Rebounds, blocks, and card positions are the most basic requirements. Apart from these, it will undoubtedly be the icing on the cake if you can do more. The ligaz888 is a casino website that offers you online casino games.

Center C

The Center is the hub of the team’s offensive and defensive ends. The offensive end of the ball, the defensive end of the interception rebound, these are a C’s job.

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