What are the Main Causes of Baldness & How to Prevent it?

After the subsequent combing of a dozen lost hairs on the ridge, many begin to panic and take immediate measures to preserve their hair. Some uncontrollably take vitamins for hair loss; others try to wash and comb their hair less often so as not to see the hair loss. Baldness does not happen overnight; the process can take years, and in some cases, even decades. For this reason, you should pay attention to early signs of balding.

However, hair should fall out, and this is entirely normal. The rate of hair loss per day in a healthy person is from 50 to 100 hairs. Hair grows in cycles, so hair loss is only part of a natural process. In place of the dead hair, a new one grows from the bulb. But sometimes, this process is disrupted.

Causes of Baldness:

Baldness often leads to loss of personality, Lack of confidence and anxiety. Some people even experience stress. But hair loss is average. Because usually, human hair will fall every day. But this must not exceed 30-50 hair a day if more than that is considered abnormal.

1. Stress:

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Because when the body is stressed, it will directly affect the hormones in the body. It was causing abnormalities to cause hair loss. When I realized it again, I’m already skinny, especially in the middle of the crown or the front. Letting go of the mind not to be too stressed. It will help prevent hair loss from intensifying.

2. Use chemicals on your hair regularly:

Any young man who likes to do hair as his life. Whether it’s perming, straightening, or coloring your hair, be aware that you’re at greater risk of balding than someone who rarely uses chemicals on their hair. Because people who use chemicals on me often the scalp is directly exposed to chemicals. They are causing the chemicals to penetrate the hair deeply to the root of the hair, Cause itching and hair loss. As a result, so should avoid using chemicals or leave a distance. So that the scalp can recover and rest. The head will not be as bald as worrying anymore.

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3. Fungus on the scalp:

Fungus is another major cause of baldness. The dirty and damp scalp causes it. Especially when washing your hair and not waiting for your hair to dry completely before going to bed or using a damp comb using a wet hood, even pillowcases that are stuffy can cause fungus on the scalp. So boys should keep the equipment clean every time and not let the head stay wet for a long time. Now you can say goodbye to the fungus on your head.

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Prevention and Treatment:

It takes patience to stop hair loss. Do not expect immediate results; much less abandon the prescribed course of treatment.

The specialist will prescribe you an individual treatment regimen after examining the test results and diagnostics. Some people have a question, how to treat balding? Here are some solutions of balding.

  • Vitamin complexes designed to compensate for the lack of a group of substances in the blood;
  • Iron-containing drugs with identified anemia;
  • Hormonal complex to eliminate imbalance;
  • External preparations, including those containing minoxidil – a chemical component that stimulates blood circulation in the follicles and hair growth;
  • Laser, mesotherapy.

However, it is suggested to not go ahead with any solution without the prescription of the health experts to avoid any complications at a later stage. To get the best advice at your comfort, you can reach out to digital healthcare platforms like https://www.numan.com/ where the team of experts is willing to guide you at every step of the medication.

Conclusion Remarks:

Remember, self-medication can only make hair loss worse. The cause of hair loss often lies in internal problems that need to be treated comprehensively. Be sure to check with a professional before using homemade masks and hair lotions. It is quite possible that, in your case, some of them will be contraindicated.

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