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What Are Author Boxes and How Can They Benefit Your Site?

Setting your website apart from the rest is important for growing it. Having your readers get to know the writers is a big part of having a successful blog. Author boxes help you with that.

What Are Author Boxes?

At the end of most blog posts, you can see a little, often standing out, infobox. That box most often contains the name of the author, his/her picture, a short bio, and some social link. That’s an author box.

Author boxes are used to give credit to the authors of the posts and to have readers get more familiar with the authors. They give credibility to your posts, and they also help out the authors by giving them a shout-out.

The Benefits Of Author Boxes

The biggest benefit of having author boxes is adding credibility to your website. Readers can relate more to the content and trust what’s in it if they know the person writing it. Readers are always going to be more interested in content whose authors they know than in some faceless content. No matter how much of an expert the author is on the topic if readers don’t know that, they’ll trust the content less.

If you have more authors behind your posts or guest posts, readers can know who wrote what and maybe pick some favorites whose posts they’ll always read. It will be easier to organize your content, and readers are more likely to click on posts from authors they know.

If your website has an option for submitting posts from visitors, author boxes will give credit to them, and they’ll be more likely to send their posts.

Author boxes are just a nice way to give credit where it’s deserved and for your readers to get familiar with your content. They are an easy way to give personality to your content.

How To Create An Author box?

Like for everything else in WordPress, there are many plugins for creating author boxes. You can also manually code your own author box, but that can get pretty complicated, especially for beginners. So I recommend using the Simple Author Box plugin.

The Simple Author Box plugin is a WordPress plugin made for creating author boxes. It’s easy to use, stylish and beginner-friendly. There are many features available, like adding multiple authors to your posts, having full control over the appearance of the author box, etc. Even beginners can seamlessly fit their author box in with the rest of the website with this plugin.

How to Use This Plugin?

After purchasing the plugin, you will receive an email containing all of the information about your purchase. After that, you access the plugin dashboard and log in with the information you got. You then download the plugin and add it to your WP Admin panel and activate it with your license key.

If you’ve done everything right, a new tab called “Simple Author Box” will appear.

Once you enter the Simple Author Box panel, you’ll be able to start editing your author box.


From here, you can add data about your author by clicking “Edit author profile”; by scrolling down and finding the settings, you can change the appearance of your author box. It is simple and straightforward to use.

To Sum It Up

Adding author boxes to your blog posts can bring many benefits, benefiting both the authors and the website. They are also easy to add using plugins like Simple Author Box, so there is really no reason for you not to use them.

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