What advanced features are available on modern tube laser cutting machines?

Using Tube Laser Cutting Machines More Effectively

Tube laser cutting machines are an incredibly versatile and efficient tool for modern production. By following the tips outlined below, you can make the most out of your tube laser cutters and maximise their performance.

Understand the Capabilities

The first step in making the most out of your tube lasers is understanding the capabilities of the machine. The types of metals that your laser can cut, its maximum sheet metal size, the recommended thickness of the material, and the maximum cutting speed all affect the laser’s performance, and should be taken into consideration when using the machine.

Test the Cutting Modes

Different cutting modes will affect the performance of the laser. Make sure to test the different settings and find the right combination for your material and project.

Maintain the Machine

It is important to keep your laser in good condition. Check the tube regularly to ensure that it is not clogged or blocked, and make sure that the lenses are clean and free of debris.

Utilise the Right Software

The right laser cutting software will make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your tube laser. Look for software that is designed for cutting tubes, as this will make the process smoother and more efficient.

Set Up to Maximise Performance

The setup of the laser can dramatically affect its performance. Check for any possible obstructions or collisions, and set up the laser to ensure that it is moving in a straight line. Additionally, make sure to adjust the lens to the right distance and keep it clean.

Understand the Cutting Parameters

The parameters of the cutting process play a big role in determining the effectiveness of the laser. Adjust the parameter settings based on the workpiece, including the cutting speed, laser power, and focus.

Monitor the Process

Chances are, the laser will require some adjustments during the process. Make sure to monitor the laser and any changes that may occur. This will allow you to make modifications if necessary, and get the most out of your machine.


By following the tips outlined above, you can use your tube laser cutting machines more effectively and get the most out of them. With a bit of planning and the right maintenance, your laser can be an incredibly powerful and efficient tool for your production line.

As the tube jq laser cutting machine becomes more and more popular in the market, more and more people start to use it. However, as a new technology, there are still some operators don’t know how to use it well. Here are some basic operation practices that may help you use the machine better.

The first thing you need to check before using the machine is the water and electricity. Make sure the water and electricity are turned on and the machine is filled with water. Then you need to check the fuel,we generally use natural gas or propane. The machine should be connected to the power source and the exhaust system. The last thing is to check whether the cooling system is working properly.

After everything is ready, you can start to cut. When you are cutting, you need to pay attention to the speed and pressure. The speed can be adjusted according to the different materials. The pressure should be just enough to make sure the cutting is smooth. If the pressure is too high, it will damage the machine. If the cutting speed is too slow, it will affect the cutting quality.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to use the machine better and get better cutting results.

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