What a hacker can do with an IP address?

We explain below the risks we run if a hacker is able to find out the IP address we use in our Internet connections. We also indicate what must be done to prevent the theft of this address. Today, getting an IP address hacked is a nightmare.

Our Internet service provider provides us with an IP address so that we can establish connections on the network of networks. If a hacker, a computer hacker, finds out the series of numbers that constitute said IP address, we run a series of risks, focused on privacy and security xotic news.

If he is not an expert when it comes to causing damage who has managed to find out our IP address, he is not capable of doing anything with it. On the other hand, if the one who has found it out has enough knowledge, the evils that he can produce are very high. In the list we can include the following:

Hack your devices

By finding out the IP address, the hacker can hack into the device or devices that use it. Although each IP address uses a large number of ports, the hacker can trace and find out which one your device or devices are using and from there, obtain the data of interest to them.

Violate privacy

On the Internet, we show a large amount of data, from access to social networks, bank accounts, shopping spaces, or email accounts, among other services. If a hacker is able to find your location, after finding out your IP address, he can track your activity on the Internet, knowing what you do at all times, and use it against you. The attack on your privacy will be high-ranking.

Impersonate your identity

With the knowledge of your IP address, a hacker can impersonate you, with the risks that this entails. He can steal your personal data, the ones you use in the use of different services on the Internet and, for example, sell them on the Deep Web or Dark Web.

Perform a DDoS attack

There are different types of cyber attacks. The list includes what are known as DDoS attacks, that is, denial of service attacks that prevent the affected devices from carrying out their tasks since they are not capable of carrying out the tasks assigned to them. By finding out the IP address you use, your computer will be disconnected from the Internet and will not be able to continue performing its functions oyepandeyji.


Hackers, by using your IP address, as we have seen, can attack companies, steal money and data, or threaten national security, among other actions. To get this address they use different methods: accessing your devices, using emails, sending links to click on them, examining social networks, and more… aditianovit

To protect the IP address it is convenient to use a firewall. You can also use a VPN. What is always recommended is not to navigate through insecure spaces and not to respond to email messages from unknown people, and never to click on the links inserted in such messages.

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