Want to qualify for social security disability? Things you must keep in mind

Nobody wants to be injured or disabled. A disability in your life can prove to be terrible for your daily life. A disability means you could lose your ability to work and earn, and if you are the sole earner of the family, it can get really difficult for you to cope with the financial damages that occurred through your disability. But there seems to be a way out. The Social Security Disability insurance program in the United States is designed to benefit disabled people. But there are certain criteria that you need to fulfil for qualifying for the benefits. Thousands of claims are denied each year and thus it is better to know about the SSD before applying for it. Want to know more about SSD? click here

You can automatically get qualified if you have these medical conditions –

  • Severe musculoskeletal injuries
  • Loss of senses
  • Any respiratory issues
  • Severe medical condition due to cardiovascular injury
  • Digestive tract issues
  • Neurological disease
  • Blood disorders
  • Mental issues

There are still certain qualifications needed. Some of them are –

  • You must be older than 18 years
  • You are unable to work in any job currently
  • You are not working in your previous job
  • Your disability is not short-term and expected to last at least 12 months or result in death.
  • You must have worked for long enough in jobs which are covered under Social Security

Other than these qualifications, you can also get the benefit of SSD if you are blind, a child of a blind or disabled person, a widow or widower of someone who was disabled or blind or if you are disabled from birth.

If your medical condition is not on the list of automatically qualified medical conditions, you must be able to prove your disability and that it is enough for you to qualify for the benefits. You must have the existence of a diagnosis by any physician and you must have certain documents like medical records, MRI scans, CAT scans, X-Ray scans or Mental Health records. The SSA has strict rules that you must fulfil to get qualified for SSD benefits. You would also have to provide them with regular medical records. Having an attorney by your side who knows the laws of SSA very well can give you the best shot to qualify for the SSD benefits without much difficulty.