Virtual card: what is it for?

Have you tried shopping online? So, we definitely faced the fact that it is necessary to enter its details and wait for payment verification. To save time and manage your finances more efficiently, Swiftoo financial institution experts offer to issue such a profitable tool as a virtual card. Why is it needed and why without it it is more difficult to make monetary transactions – later in the article.

Note that a free virtual prepaid card is available to each of our clients. To get it, just register on the site and wait for confirmation from our employee. An instant virtual debit card is available for free in just a couple of minutes – replenish and enjoy shopping, both in real and virtual stores.

Free virtual debit card: what you need to know about it

Let’s start with the fact that a free virtual Mastercard is actually no different from its physical, that is, plastic counterpart and is a safer and more efficient means of making payments. Why, you ask?

It does not have a real embodiment, that is, it is in a virtual environment. Based on this, it cannot be damaged, broken or lost. Of course, it is possible to lose a gadget in which it is added to Google Pay or Apple Pay, but in this case, the account is blocked on any other device in Internet banking or by telephone with employees of a financial institution. It is also more difficult to steal funds from a Digital card, because attackers will not get your personal data or account details.

A free online virtual card can also be created exclusively for online shopping, that is, its holder has set a certain limit on the amount of transactions.

If we are talking about prepaid cards, then they are also not tied to your main bank account, which guarantees data confidentiality.

How to secure online shopping?

It should be understood that cyber fraudsters often “hunt” for personal data, so it is highly recommended not to talk about them.

Attackers may pose as relatives or bank employees, do not fall for these provocations and always carefully check the incoming information.
In addition, it is advised to turn on anti-virus programs when making purchases online, as well as to leave suspicious and unsafe sites.

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