Various Ways to Have Your Steak

It is no secret that steak is cooked in different ways to have varying juiciness and flavour. It is important to note that the nutrients of the steak remain the same regardless of how it is cooked. If that’s the case, what’s the difference between each variety? That’s something we will find out in the course of this article. However, before we dive into that, it would be best not to assume that top restaurant prices are way too high. You will be surprised to learn that they are relatively reasonable. Regardless of the dish you order and the price you pay, you can rest assured of getting great value for money. That said and done, let’s look at the different ways of having your steak.

1. Well Done Steak

As far as the well-done steak is concerned, it is usually charred most of the time, if not all the time. The charring usually is just on its outside. Do not expect any sign of pink when eating this steak. On the contrary, its colour is a combination of grey and brown. Tough mean can easily take away the joy that comes enjoying steak. Well-done steak is usually cooked on slow heat to avoid such a scenario.

2. Medium Well Steak

Do you want a relatively juicy steak that lacks blood? If nodding, this is a steak to go for. Most of the steak will be grey-brown. However, there are also chances of coming across a pale pink colour but only on the inside.

3. Medium Steak

As far as the centre of the medium steak is concerned, it is more grey-brown and less pink. Nevertheless, its centre also has a pretty pronounced pink band. Compared to the other varieties of steak, it is neither too cooked nor too undercooked.

4. Medium Rare Steak

When it comes to the medium-rare steak, it usually is warm. In addition to that, its centre is typically pink to red. Its firmness on the outside is indisputable. On the other hand, expect its inside to be juicy and soft.

5. Rare Steak

The rare steak will only be cooked for a pretty short time. Consequently, its centre is usually red and cool. To be accurate, there is not much difference between its inside and the raw meat. However, its outside is usually cooked. You have most likely heard about the health risks associated with undercooked meat. That’s because meat often contains parasites. However, that’s a risk associated with pork and chicken; hence no need to worry about such issues when eating rare steak.


From the above discussion, there are several ways of having your steak. If you want it well cooked, go for the well done one. The one that’s least cooked is the rare steak. The other three, medium rare, medium and medium well,are averagely cooked, as the names suggest. In all cases, the outside is usually well-cooked. What differs from one variety is the inside which ranges from brownish greyish to pink depending on your choice. Remember that even the undercooked steak doesn’t pose any health risks. So, if it is good for you, go ahead and enjoy it.

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