Various Precautions tips for the most traditional game badminton

Badminton is abbreviated as a shuttlecock. A net will set in the centre of the court to separate it. The ball used is a combination of a semi-circular cork at the front and a circle of feathers at the back. Both sides use a long-handled racket with a net-like surface at the front. Hit.

Badminton requires running and jumping movements, so it has a high requirement for physical fitness, which can help lose weight, strengthen hand-eye coordination, balance, and improve cardiovascular diseases. Sometimes it makes you hard. which is very harmful to health. Here are some Precautions  for badminton

  1. Badminton is a relatively vigorous aerobic exercise. It is necessary to adjust the exercise time according to the physical condition, especially for those with a history of diabetes or cardiovascular disease. It is best to consult a doctor if their physical condition can play badminton.
  2. Badminton must carefully select The Badminton venue, facilities, and equipment, and the badminton court’s ground must be flat to avoid bumps and trips and injuries. Because badminton is easily affected by the wind direction, the indoor court is relatively stable than the outdoor court, reducing the risk of hitting the ball.
  3. Be sure to warm up before exercise. After exercise, you can do a little massage to relieve tight muscles.
  4. Students who are new to badminton should avoid excessive force that may cause wrist or elbow injuries.

5 . People with a history of 50 shoulders and knees are best not to play badminton because the burden on the arms, shoulders and knee joints is greater.

  1. Badminton is prone to sports injuries in the elbow (tennis elbow), shoulder ligament (shoulder clamp syndrome), knee cruciate ligament (cracked cruciate ligament, looseness) and other parts. When these parts are uncomfortable, it is recommended to seek further medical examination.Download all kinds of latest movies from uwatchfree and also visit worldfree4u to get latest dubbed movies for free.

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