Vantage Markets Or Ftmo: Evaluating Advantages For Traders

Vantage is a brokerage platform located in Australia that specializes in foreign exchange and contracts for difference (CFD). Vantage was established in 2009, and it is currently subject to regulation by both the ASIC and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Vantage was initially developed for a user population that was based in Australia; but, as the brand and platform grew, it has been able to accommodate people from all over the world and today claims a genuinely global user base. According to the most recent VantageMarkets review, it welcomes customers from the majority of the world’s most important countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, and Germany.

Benefits of Vantage Markets

  • Vantage carries indemnity insurance to safeguard you beyond the minimum legal requirements.
  • Vantage has integrated the popular TradingView software without any noticeable hiccups.
  • When it comes to brokerages, Vantage is among the most reputable and strictly governed in the world. There are currently two top-tier jurisdictions that oversee them.

Vantage Markets Account Varieties

Broker clients can choose between the commission-based RAW ECN account, the commission-free Standard STP account, or the premium PRO ECN account. Users of RAW ECNs have access to competitively low spreads. The following sections provide in-depth explanations of all three account types:

  • STP (Standard)

This is the entry-level account for forex brokers who are just getting started with foreign exchange (FX) and contracts for difference (CFDs). To start a Standard STP account on the Vantage FX trading platform, a minimum deposit of $200 is required. 500:1 leverage is available in this account. Standard STP accounts have a spread of roughly 1.4 pips and do not require a customer initial fee. If you don’t deposit at least $10,000 to qualify for active trader rewards, the spreads won’t excite you.

  • Raw ECN

An institutional grade liquidity pool provided by some of the world’s major banks is available to traders with a Raw ECN account, allowing them to transact in foreign exchange (FX). This broker has the ability to offer the tightest spreads to all of its customers. Raw ECN accounts demand a $500 initial deposit and have the same 500:1 Vantage FX leverage as the Standard STP account. The spread on this platform is 0.0 pips, but there is a $3 fee to open an account. The RAW ECN account offers traders some of the lowest trading expenses and the tightest spreads available. One of the most cost-effective foreign exchange brokers thanks to its access to high levels of liquidity and low spreads.

  • ECN Pro

As its name suggests, Pro ECN is aimed at expert traders who are experienced with trading on the most important worldwide markets. This account has a higher minimum opening deposit of $20,000 than the other two accounts do, but it also offers 500:1 leverage. Clients pay a nominal $2 to start a Pro ECN account, and there is no spread here.

Exactly what does “FTMO” mean?

If you’re an ambitious trader and you pass FTMO’s evaluation process, they’ll give you money to trade with. The Czech Republic-based company has a primary interest in the foreign exchange market but also covers other financial areas such as commodities, cryptocurrency, and indices. The FTMO Challenge and Verification stage are the two parts of the review process that together make up the FTMO funding challenge. A trader’s capacity to earn consistent profits while following regulations and risk management criteria will be put to the test in these phases. When a trader completes both steps, they’re deemed an FTMO funded trader and can get up to $400,000 in their trading account.

Benefits of FTMO

Here are some advantages of the FTMO broker review:

  • Traders can avoid putting their own funds at risk because FTMO fronts the money for trades.
  • Traders can find helpful information, resources, and a community at FTMO.
  • Business at FTMO is predicated on the accomplishments of its funded traders. FTMO’s revenue grows proportionally to the traders’ success, as the company takes a cut of the traders’ earnings. The corporation and the financed traders both benefit from this arrangement.
  • As traders continue to show positive results, FTMO may increase the amount of capital they handle, increasing the potential for profits.
  • Funded Traders from FTMO receive a share of the profits they make, typically 70% or more.

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