UAE Online Slots and the most significant wins in their history

One Major reason why people gamble is to make money. This is the reason why online slots are getting more popular by the day in the United Arab Emirates. There are lots of online casino slots in UAE, and a lot of money has been won on these sites by Emirati players. This article aims at revealing all the important tips and knowledge you should know about UAE online slots.

A bit from the history of the big win

A lot of historical wins have been made via UAE online slot machines in the last five years. The total amount of money won on online casino slots in UAE is estimated to be around $15,162,313, with an average win of $7,684. In recent times the most significant win recorded is a whooping sum of $205,200 won on the Secret Admirer Slot Machine by a player with the username Uni16. This win was followed by another €168,984 won on the Evolution-BlackJack by a player named Duba17. Among these top wins, Uni16 has won on 5 incredible occasions, and the least amount won by the player was $93,320. Interesting, right? You also can be a lucky winner, but first, learn a few tips on where and how to access these slot machine games online.  

Online Casino Slots in UAE

There are free online casino slots in UAE. Here is a compilation of some of the best. 

  1. 888 Casino: This is one of the best UAE casinos for online slot machines. The site has a bonus of up to 120% and a match bonus of up to $500. The site supports languages such as; English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, and of course, Arabic, which makes it one of the favorite casinos for Emirati players. The site does not only accepts players from the United Arab Emirates alone. It accepts players from all over the world. 
  2. JackpotCity: This site also accepts players from the United Arab Emirates and has Arabic as one of its supported languages. This site offers a wide range of slot machine game selections for players and other types of games too.  The site offers a 100% bonus that ranges up to $1600.
  3. 1XBet: This is one of the most favorite online casinos for lovers of online casino slots in UAE. The 1XBet site, apart from having Arabic as a supported language, also offers mouth-watering bonuses of up to $1500 and 150 free spins.  One notable feature of the site is that it has over 2000 different games, and the payouts are quickly processed. 
  4. Betfinal: Betfinal is another site to enjoy free online casino slots in UAE. The BetFinal online casino is one of the best sites to play online slot machine games. It offers bonuses of up to $3000 and also has Arabic as one of its supported languages. The site has an excellent payout service and has hundreds of other games for its ever-present players to choose from. 

Few essential precautions for UAE online casino websites

  • Gambling in the United Arab Emirates is highly prohibited, and as such, it is vital that players protect themselves. One way to do this is by downloading and using VPNs. Since gambling is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, accessing these online casinos is very difficult and almost impossible for residents of the country. So, therefore, to have a hitch-free session, the use of a VPN is highly recommended.  VPN apps are used to hide the identity of players, thereby protecting them from being caught and prosecuted according to the Sharia law of the UAE. 
  • Other things you should consider before playing online casino slots in UAE include the following:  safety of the online casino, the bonuses, offers, and promotions, the speed of depositing and withdrawal, and whether the site can be accessed easily.  Since convenience is a matter of significant priority, you should also check out whether the site operates on a 24-hour basis.


The UAE is an Islamic country, and it prohibits gambling in all forms. Thus residents desirous of engaging in playing online slots are limited and constrained. Thankfully this article has provided tips on how to access some of the best online casino slots in UAE. It has also provided essential factors to watch out for. 

If you are interested in further learning about gambling in the Emirates, please find the article here.

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