Try these LUVME Wigs and Surely You Will Get What You Expect


In this blog post, Luvme Hair introduces and recommends three wigs.

The first one is a new trend wig, which is Water Wave Wigs.

Then, we recommend wedding wigs that you can wear on your big day.

Finally, we will give you some useful information about Human Hair Bob Wigs.

When you invest in these wigs, we are sure these wigs ultimately pay off and you will achieve the hair beauty you have been dreaming of.

Now, let us dive into details.

What are Water Wave Wigs? Why are They So Popular?

Water wave wigs stand for wigs with the water wave texture.  The water wave texture is the second curliest texture following the deep wave texture. It forms a pattern of flowing water and gives a look of a mixture of curly hair and the Afro-American style. As a result of these attributes, especially black women are crazy about these wigs. In fact, water wave wigs are one of the most popular wigs in recent years. Here are some benefits of water wave wigs.

  • They give you a natural look.
  • They are versatile wigs.
  • They are easy to care and maintain.
  • Styling them is quite easy.
  • You achieve fuller roots and thinner ends with these wigs.

Maintaining Water Wave Wigs

  • To detangle your water wave wig, use a wide-tooth comb and comb it from the ends to the top.
  • If you want to wash your wig, wash it in lukewarm water. Wash it gently using your fingers.
  • To dry your wig, hang the wig and let it dry naturally.
  • Exposing too much heat is harmful to the wig.

How Do You Choose Wedding Wigs for Your Big Day?

Certain factors might play role in choosing wedding wigs.

The main factor for such a choice might be the shape of your face. You might go for different wigs that will go with the shape of your face.  Oval faces, square faces, hearth shape faces or rectangle faces all require different styles and wigs. For example, if you have an oval face, you are lucky and you can have any hairstyle like fringes, buns or chignon and choose your wig accordingly.

The second factor might be whether you desire long hair and short hair. Depending on your preference in this regard, you will have different wig options.

Your choice of hair accessories that you want to wear and color choices might also be influential in choosing your wedding wig.

Our Recommended Wigs for Your Wedding

Luvme Hair Collection is full of wigs that you can choose for your wedding day.

First of all, you can choose Luvme Hair’s undetectable wigs for the most natural and undetectable and invisible look for your wedding.

To have more versatility and more styles, you can try voluminous wigs like full lace wigs or frontal lace wigs.

If like bangs, the wigs with bangs are just for you.

You may prefer long length, medium length or short length wigs.

You may also prefer wigs with different textures like curly wigs, deep wave wigs or loose wave wigs.

In addition, different color options are available for you.

Different Human Hair Bob Wigs Suited to Your Needs and Desires

Human Hair Bob Wigs are as natural, shiny and durable as your natural hair. They are also versatile and suitable for different hairstyles and hair partings.

Human hair bob wigs offer you short-hair and long-hair alternatives.

They can be parted in the middle or on the sides.

You can have different textures like curly, deep wave, water wave, loose wave or body wave textures.

They can be asymmetrically or bluntly cut.

They can be with or without bangs.

You can achieve hair with or without layers.

Also, there are different color options available for you.

As you see, by taking advantage of the properties of human hair bob wigs that I stated above, you can choose your wig that will fulfill your dreams and needs.

Installing Human Hair Bob Wigs

  • Prepare your natural hair as a foundation and put on your wig cap.
  • Put on your human hair bob wig and soften it by spraying some hair oil and combing the wig.
  • Cut the lace in line with your natural hairline in a way you will leave out some baby hair.
  • Apply some glue along with your hairline and then stick your wig.
  • Adjust the baby hair layer and cut the excessive baby hair. Try to make it natural as much as possible.
  • Adjust the parting space.
  • Finally style your wig as you wish using a comb.

When it comes to buying these wigs, Luvme Hair offers you many options and opportunities. You can make your choice among Luvme Hair’s undetectable wig, glueless wig or throw on & go wig options. You can benefit from afterpay wigs and pay your wig in four installments with zero interest, You can check out  much more benefits by visiting their website as soon as possible.

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