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Toto is a popular lottery game in Singapore and toto football betting is where you bet on the outcome of toto draws. There are many toto techniques that people use to win more often than others. In this blog post, we will highlight 3 different toto strategies that can help increase your odds of winning. Toto football betting Singapore is available on SICC Bet at Singapore Pools.

Here are 3 different toto strategies that can help increase your odds of winning:

1)  Toto street betting

Toto street betting is where you bet on the outcome of toto draws at a specific intersection. This technique works particularly well if the intersection is frequented by heavy footfall throughout the day. The more people walk past an area, the higher chance there are of having a toto winner at that location.

2)  Toto combo/mixed

The toto mixed bet is when you play with both the numbers in sequence and non-sequential. Playing with both ways can increase your winnings by playing with different numbers.

For example, if you play Toto Street Betting and use the following sequence (14-18), it is likely that number 18 will be one of the toto winning numbers as more people walk past this area during peak hours than other areas in Singapore. If you used both non-sequential and sequential numbers, you would have a better chance of winning as the number 18 is more likely to be drawn.

Combo betting can also be done by playing with different numbers from other areas in Singapore that are close to where you live or work at. You will increase your chances of having a winner if there are heavy footfalls at places that are close to where you work or live.

If you play the numbers of an area near your home, it is likely that the numbers that come out will be closer to your house and thus increasing your home winning odds.

3) In Toto, you have to pick seven different numbers from a possible 44. The more numbers that are close together in the number selection means they will be drawn much faster than other numbers that are spread further apart. In order words, try to mix up the digits among all four sections and not just focus on one section.

For example, if you play the sequence of (11-14-18) and there are many other players who use this number combination, the (11-14) section will be drawn much faster than other sections. This would make it difficult for you to win as there are less numbers left in this section after each draw.

As such, try using different digits from all four sections of your play slip and not just one specific area to increase your winning odds!

Conclusion: Toto and toto football betting can be made simple by learning different toto techniques. There are many ways that you can increase your odds of winning toto, including playing with various number combinations and different areas of Singapore.

If you’re interested in learning more about toto techniques, visit for a full range of educational materials on how to play the game!

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