Top Reasons why you should use an Elevated Dog Bowl

Definition of an Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated Dog bowls come in different styles, shapes, and sizes and are readily available in the market. Their design helps to raise your pet`s food and water off the ground, therefore, facilitating a clean and healthy food routine. Elevated dog bowls consist of a stand that helps raise it from the ground at a certain height which depends on the size of your dog.  Others have a platform that provides a space for resting your bowl, some are adjustable, and some contain attachments that make the bowls suspend in the air. It is recommendable to select an elevated dog bowl to achieve easy, safe, and convenient feeding. It will ensure your dog feeds without creating a mess around and contaminating its food by stepping and scarfing around.

Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

Eating is made easy – A dog that uses an elevated bowl is comfortable and feeds with ease because the bowl is closer to the dogs` mouth. It is less strenuous because the dog doesn’t have to bend their head to drink water or bite food. Dogs with joint disorders or arthritis are recommendable to this type of bowl.

It prevents unwanted behavior – Your dog might adopt unwanted behaviors like pawing at the rim of their food bowl or in their water bowl. It can cause a mess around the feeding area which can attract dangerous pests and diseases. An elevated dog bowl is ideal because the dog cannot play with water or food physically.

Improves posture – Breeds with large bodies will find it uncomfortable to reach food on the ground, unlike small breeds that can eat with ease from the ground. The large dog-raised food bowls help in reducing the strain on the shoulders, neck, hips, and spine of the senior dogs.

It contains the feeding area – Most dogs are excited at meal hours, and while eating they tend to push their bowl around with their mouth and nose. Elevated bowls come with a designated framework, and sheer weight preventing them from sliding hence, the dog won`t be able to push the bowl.

Elevated bowls are cleaner – Food and water raised off the ground are not at risk of contamination by foreign materials such as strands of hair, dust, and pests.

 Disadvantages of Elevated Bowls

Raised bowls are expensive – An ordinary dog bowl is affordable at a relatively low price compared to an elevated bowl which is costly. They differ in price tag with the extra materials and design used in creating it, such as the stand.

Increases the risk of canine bloat – A dog that eats from an elevated bowl is at risk of getting GDV condition caused by bloating. The condition results from a dog sucking more air while eating which then gets trapped in the stomach. It is good idea to know about Ask Reader.

Elevated food bowls are difficult to manage – Dog owners with small apartments or kitchens have storage problems because elevated bowls require more space than ordinary ones. However, some are easily portable because they can fold easily to carry. They are not convenient for pet lovers who keep relocating from one place to another.

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