Top 7 Crime Podcasts in Hindi: Most Suspenseful and Chiling!

What do you do if you find yourself in need of even more true crime stories? You’ve got a lot of crime documentaries on Netflix and a lot of mysteries on your bookcase. True crime has taken over the podcast community, and some of the best examples of cold murder cases and crime journalism are now available in audio format. If you’re a regular podcast listener or a casual listener, you should add crime podcasts in your list which is simple and convenient to find them online. 

Crime podcasts are thrilling and have a big plot with suspense and the basic and most powerful beauty of crime podcasts is that it triggers the most sensitive emotion ‘fear’.  If you listen to podcasts related to crime then I would like to suggest to you some top 7 crime podcasts to listen to. If your mother tongue is Hindi and you want to listen to podcasts in your language.  These audiobooks are widely discovered on services like KuKu FM, so you won’t have to put much effort into finding them.. 

Here is the list of top 7 Crime in Hindi  

  • Anadi Bana Khiladi | Writer – Praveen Singh Negi

This criminal story’s premise will have you on the edge of your seat with suspense and thrills. There is nothing more attractive than an unsolved crime mystery. This story is of Ajay whose father is a farmer, moves to a big city in search of a job. In this story you will get to know how Ajay became a spy and solved various dangerous mysteries even putting his life in danger. This storey is divided into 15 episodes, each of which tells you everything you need to know.

  • Adiyal | Writer – Kabeer Mandrekar 

This is the narrative of Bruh, a seventeen-year-old boy whose stepfather hits his mother on a daily basis, and how he breaks a bottle on his stepfather’s skull. You’ll learn why the court ordered bruh to attend treatment sessions and whether he’ll be successful in saving himself and his mother in this storey. This storey is divided into 17 episodes, each of which tells you everything you need to know.

  • Underworld | Writer – Anil Garg

There’s a lot of action, drama, disaster, and suspense in this novel. The crime storey is around an unlucky youngster who was born and raised in a brothel. It’s about a little child who’s luck has never been on his side. There was also a gangster battle sparked by bogus 25 crore notes, which startled the police. Anil Garg is the author of this storey. What happened to this unfortunate individual? Will he penetrate the gangster world and control the underworld, or will he be assassinated?

  • Chakravyuh | Writer – Mohan Maurya

This audiobook reflects how politics and police shapes the culture of the society. This can even be used to real-life situations. To make matters worse, one of these chakravyuhs was founded by a politician who was uniformed, armed, and white-collared. Unfortunately, the identities of the three con guys that were captured in this chakravyuh are unknown. The entire city was then set ablaze, signalling the start of a dangerous game.

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  • Badkismat Katil | Writer – Subhanand

As the story’s title suggests, the murderer had bad luck since he accidently killed someone he never expected to die or be killed. The plot is around a person who is forced to kill both a loved one and an enemy. And, believing that his loved one is no longer alive, he commits suicide. What a stroke of luck! Later, one of the characters was discovered to be alive. Know the full Javed Amar John case solving story, titled –  Badkismat Katil in Hindi.

The story starts with a person sitting at the edge of the sea shore and if one looks at him, one can say that he is the most disturbed person in this world. But, retrospectively, if I delve deep in his life then the story tells about the third grade students who were planning to skip the classes. They were so close that the thought of them being separated would be the last thing on their minds. Time, like life, is unpredictably unpredictable. During their childhood, these two close friends were separated. They grow up in various vocations and in various cities. But they didn’t forget about their affection for one other! After all these years, they unwittingly reconnect with each other, but this time as adversaries! And death is the effect of this! Will they be able to tell each other apart? What a journey this storey will take you on!

This is a hacker narrative, as the title suggests. You’ve probably seen in movies and programmes how hackers can control anything they want just by sitting in a room, from turning on traffic lights to cracking a bank’s security system. A college student who utilises hacking as a weapon to fight the system, and how these students overcome all obstacles to attain their goal.  

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