Top 6 in-demand freelancing skills of 2021 around the world

Beginners always remain worried about knowing the most in-demand skills at the freelancing platform. The reason behind this is that there are a lot of ups and downs in emerging skills. For example, after few years, a new skill replaces the previous one. Below is the description of the top 6 in-demand freelancing skills of 2021 around the world.

Media Management

Media management is the top freelancing skill in 2021 all around the world. The reason behind this is that it is used by companies for marketing their products on social media and for maintaining a good relationship with their customers.

Media management contains digital media and social media. Digital media platforms offer digital marketing opportunities. The common skill both requires extensive media and SEO knowledge in this field. Social and digital medial handler manages and represents the entire company.

Web design and development

Expert marketing organizations revealed that 90% of buyers go with their competitors because of poorly designed websites.  Companies are investing a big amount to build and manage good websites.

Web design requires three specialties known as User experience, User interface, and Visual design. They require coding languages such as HTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). However, web development covers specialization in front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack specialists.

Virtual Assistant and Data entry

Neglecting technical skills, virtual assistants, and data entry are more in demand as they do not need any college degree. The companies, either large or small, are consistently looking for virtual assistants to grow their business as they reduce operating costs by around 78%.

Virtual assistants hold an unlimited skillset controlling the admin to customer support to work with marketing campaigns. Thus, they can perform multiple roles for the hiring company, such as data entry, lead generations, etc., but they need high typing speeds. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an in-demand skill in the world of digital media and websites. Everybody needs traffic on their website, as without traffic, their website is nothing. Thus, Search Engine Optimization provides a better ranking in a lot of search engines as such in specifically Google search engine.

To make yourself an expert in this skill, you can learn it from Udemy. But you should be aware that google algorithms change very quickly. Therefore, these fields change accordingly.

Mobile App development

The demand for mobile app developers, either they belong to android or iOS, is growing day by day. Thus, it is a great opportunity for freelancers to get through and capitalize their skills as the companies are always looking for new freelancers to design and code their apps.

Mobile app development requires coding abilities in Swift language for iOS apps and Java or C++ knowledge for android apps. Thus, you can either choose one or both of them and become an expert in this field.

Animated video creation and Graphic designing

From the surveys, animated video creations and graphic designing also come in the list of in-demand skills of 2021 in the freelancing platform. This fact is also proved by the crowd-sourcing platform. Graphic designing is also an in-demand website designing era as UX/UI  is increasing day by day.

A lot of websites give priority to content over graphics such as pictures that increase their demand. Animated video creation over YouTubealso involves the editing tasks that are in demand nowadays around the world. They need software skills, e.g., Adobe Premier, Fimora for video editing.


The top 6 in-demand freelancing skills are expected to retain their position for the next couple of years. But the best way to keep yourself aware of the top freelancing skill through recruitment portals and crowd-sourcing platforms.

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