Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends of 2021 You Must Know

Undoubtedly, marketing is the most integral part of any business. Since the world is evolving and advancing technologically, digital marketing has become an ever-growing challenge for businesses. So, to scale up digital marketing, market automation came into existence.

Today brands initiate automated outreach campaigns to make the marketing process more efficient, effortless, and engaging. According to Forrester, businesses are likely to spend $25 billion on global marketing automation by 2023. Precisely, automated outreach campaigns are becoming a growing trend.

Factually, the latest automation trends have become a hot topic among retailers. As a businessman in 2021, if you do not have any idea about the most prominent marketing automation trends, you are missing out on a lot. To drive better results from automated outreach campaigns, you should stay on top of the ongoing and upcoming trends.

Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, then keep reading to discover the top five marketing automation trends of the year.

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Want To Rock Your Automated Outreach Campaigns? Here are the Top 5 Trends You Must Know

Are you looking for trends that can change things for your business for good? Well, the list below is all that you need to know.

1. Creativity Is Always in Trend:

Know that developing workflows should not be tedious and putting off; they should be extraordinarily creative. Experiment with your automation and try something unique and different. Do not just go with the flow. Try to be as innovative, positive, and creative as you can when planning automated outreach campaigns.

2. Derive Your Automated Outreach Campaigns for Mobile Devices

Understandably, people use more mobile devices than PCs and laptops for ordering food, shopping, watching videos, socializing, and almost everything. Precisely, mobile devices are a leading source of content consumption that directly affects buyer decisions of people. As your target audience is available on mobile devices and has a massive impact on buying decisions, your campaign strategy should specifically target the mobile experience for marketing.

Since the automation trends are changing, we are gradually getting some top-notch automation software like that offers us in-depth analytics to achieve high conversion rates. You can include in-app features, SMS marketing, push notifications, pop-up ads, email marketing, etc., as a marketing tool on mobile devices.

The trend will help you enhance your conversion rates and help you gather a lot of helpful information about your audience.

3. Add Personalization to Offer An Overwhelming Experience:

Personalization is becoming a leading automation trend in 2021. When you offer a personalized experience, you make your audience like each one of them matters to you.

Marketers are relying on AI to know their audiences’ needs and wants. It tells brands about the minute details about your audience, for instance, their values, hobbies, browsing habits, interests, search history, device use, brand preferences, etc. Moreover, it leads to better PPC automated outreach campaigns with details about user behavior data. Alongside, you get to know which post is performing better and which needs improvement. You engage more users and get better upselling conversion rates.

4. Include Social Media Ads in Your Automated Outreach Campaigns:

Social media ads have a significant influence on your audience. Now and then, they end up building interest in social media ads as they are based on their preferences and interests. Initially, Facebook and Instagram were popular for grabbing the audience’s attention and turning the tables for businesses through social media marketing.

However, recently, the trend of LinkedIn marketing has been driving marketers crazy. Presently, LinkedIn has over 770 million active users, which means it competes with other social media platforms to capture massive attention.

Overall, include unique automation marketing strategies, create automated outreach campaigns and take your business forward.

5. Bring in Conversational Marketing:

Surprisingly, AI has a direct impact on marketing communications, ultimately, customer experience too. Currently, businesses are including chatbots on their pages to have better interaction with their audience.

All in all, the automated messaging concept in automated outreach campaigns is an effective one. It saves your employees time and is always available to respond to your audience. These are in the form of instant or quick replies on social media platforms. The best hack is to add responses to frequently asked questions ahead of time.

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