[TOP 5] Best anti-theft sensors in 2023

Anti-theft sensors are security devices that function by sensing and detecting unauthorized intrusion through various means. Below are the top 5 widely used and best anti-theft sensors in 2023.

1. Infrared anti-theft sensor

Infrared anti-theft sensors are divided into 2 basic types:

  • Passive Infrared Sensors – PIR: Operating by measuring the infrared energy emitted by objects. Hence, this device can limit false alarms (as human energy levels are higher than animal ones) but may accurately determine the object’s exact location.
  • Active Infrared Sensors – IR: Operating based on the principle of light reflection, allowing the device to verify the intruder’s position accurately but often causing false alarms.

PIR sensors have a higher price, around VND 1,000,000/item, thanks to their excellent intrusion detection capabilities, making them suitable for high-end alarm systems. In contrast, IR sensors are more affordable, around VND 200,000 – 500,000/item, making them suitable for home security systems.

You can consider some Aqara Motion Sensors (cảm biến chuyển động Aqara tương thích) to combine with IR infrared sensors to optimize protection against malicious intrusions and avoid false alarm situations.

Infrared anti-theft sensors include both passive and active sensors

2. Anti-theft fence sensors (Photo beam)

Anti-theft fence sensors (Photo beam) are designed to be waterproof with an IP66 standard for outdoor fence installations. The product consists of two parts:

  • Transmitter (Sends out signals)
  • Receiver (Receives signals)

In the event of unauthorized intrusion, the transmitter utilizes detection chambers to sense and measure the threat. It then transmits a warning signal to the receiver using dual infrared beams. The receiver subsequently sends the signal to the alarm center (up to a maximum distance of 50m between the two units) to raise an alert or directly notify your smartphone.

With a price range of only VND 400,000 – 800,000, this device is suitable for households in need of protecting their outdoor premises, especially those with installed perimeter security fencing systems.

Anti-theft fence sensors enhance security for the premises of a house

3. Anti-theft glass vibration sensors

The anti-theft glass vibration sensor is a safety solution for households and constructions using glass doors, walls, or partitions. This sensor is typically connected to a central alarm system or a siren. When a strong force impacts the glass or if the glass breaks, it will trigger an alert signal.

Furthermore, the glass vibration sensor operates using sound, emitting an alert when detecting sound at a specific frequency caused by an impact or breakage. Hence, you don’t need to worry about false alarms from animal noises, thunder, lightning,… The product is affordable, ranging from VND 300,000 to 500,000.

The anti-theft glass vibration sensor is used for the main doors and windows

4. Anti-theft magnetic door sensors

The magnetic door sensor is a type of sensor used to monitor the opening and closing of doors using a magnetic field, consisting of two main components:

  • Magnetic sensor: Directly attached to the door leaf
  • Electromagnetic sensor: Mounted on the door frame

When the door is closed, the magnetic sensor is close to the electromagnetic sensor, creating a magnetic field. Conversely, when the door is opened, the magnetic field is reduced or lost, causing the electromagnetic sensor to detect a change in the magnetic field. This triggers an alert signal to the central monitoring center (if connected), a siren, or your smartphone.

With an affordable price range of VND 200,000 – 500,000, the magnetic door sensor is highly accurate and can be configured to emit alerts or activate other security devices such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, or automatic lock systems.

Additionally, you can integrate an anti-theft magnetic door sensor with a temperature and humidity sensor Aqara (cảm biến nhiệt độ và độ ẩm thông minh Aqara) for easy monitoring, control, and flexible adjustment of the device’s status.

The anti-theft magnetic door sensor is widely used in households

5. Anti-theft vibration sensors

The anti-theft vibration sensor operates similarly to other types of motion sensors, allowing the device to detect unusual movements or vibrations using an accelerometer sensor. This device is capable of detecting subtle movements and delicate vibrations, providing accurate alerts to the users.

As a result, this sensor is suitable for areas that require high security, such as banks, safes, and ATMs, to prevent intrusion and timely detection of alarms. The price range is typically VND 300,000 – 500,000.

The anti-theft vibration sensor operates similarly to other types of vibration sensors

The blog has compiled the top 5 most commonly used anti-theft sensor devices in 2023, along with an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each device. Accordingly, depending on the purpose and area of use, you can choose the suitable anti-theft sensor device.