Top 4 Reasons To Choose Non-Toxic Mattresses

Did you ever think about whether your bedroom environment is safe to sleep in or not? Many people in this world don’t have any idea about this. If you are one among them, then you have visited the right page today.

Do you want to know what can make your bedroom environment toxic? Choosing a toxic mattress can make your bedroom environment very unsafe. When you sleep on such toxic mattresses, it is obvious that you will inhale the harmful chemicals released by them. This can cause several dangerous health problems. 

Hence, make sure that you choose a non-toxic mattress always for your bed. Read on to know the reasons why you should choose a non-toxic mattress.

  • Reduces Your Stress: Nontoxic mattresses can provide great relaxation to your body. They provide great support to your body, which makes it easier for you to get to sleep easily.
  • More Safety: The non-toxic mattresses don’t release any harmful chemicals into the air. Hence, you need not worry about them at all now.
  • More Comfort: Most non-toxic mattresses are made using high-quality materials, which is why they offer great comfort.
  • Cooler: These mattresses are cooler and breathable. As a result, you can have a quality sleep at night.

How to identify toxic mattresses?

  • PBDEs: Sleeping on mattresses containing PBDEs can cause serious damage to your health. These PBDEs from the mattress can easily pass on to your body when you sleep on it. And, this can cause problems like thyroid, reproductive issues, etc. Hence, you should choose a mattress that is completely free of PBDEs.
  • Toluene: It is certain foam mattresses that come with Toluene. And, your body’s exposure to it can cause some serious side effects like seizures, hearing loss, etc. Studies show that if pregnant women are exposed to Toluene, it can cause developmental issues in the baby. Hence, you need to be careful when choosing a mattress, especially if you are pregnant.
  • Benzene: Benzene is usually found in hybrid, memory, and innerspring mattresses. Exposing yourself to this mattress can cause problems like dizziness, headache, etc. Long-term exposure to benzene can cause problems like anemia, immunity system dysfunction, etc.
  • Dimethylformamide: It can be easily absorbed into the skin and cause liver problems with long-term exposure to it.
  • Polyols: A lot of modern mattresses contain Polyols as the major component. Most people experience allergic reactions like nausea, dizziness, etc., when exposed to it for a long period. You may also experience headaches as well with long-term exposure to this component.

Choose a mattress that is completely free from the above chemicals, if you want to have a good sleep while staying safe. Wondering which mattresses are safe to use? Natural mattresses do not release any chemicals into the air. They are completely non-toxic. 

Choose the mattresses which are made using horsehair and wool if you are looking for some natural mattresses. They are hypo-allergic as well. Hence, choose non-toxic, natural mattresses to stay safe and healthy.

How to choose a mattress?

Decide which type of mattress you wanted to buy. Now find a good brand on the market by checking the reviews online. Choose the best mattress brand always, if you are looking for good quality mattresses. 

Never give importance to price when choosing a mattress. Because when you choose a mattress simply looking at its price, you may end up buying a low-quality mattress, which can cause sleep problems. 

Whenever you look at some discounts online, check the quality first and then proceed with making your payment. If you want to try the mattress before making your purchase, then you must visit a store physically.

When you shop for a mattress online you will get it to your doorsteps, but you will not have an option to try it before placing your order. However, you need not worry about the quality when you choose the top-rated brands. Many of the best places to buy a mattress are online, after all.

You can also take some suggestions from your friends as well to get an idea about the best brands in your location. However, you should not go with their opinion blindly. You have to do your research as well to find a good mattress. 

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