Tips On How To Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

The living room is a space where you entertain your friends and family and chill out or use the couch as a place to relax while you catch your favourite movie. Thus, it is a multifunctional space where the furniture you use plays a major role to ensure that space lives up to the expectations. Decorating this space and determining where to place the ottomans, centre table, and napper 3 seater sofa online can be fun and exciting as well as intimidating as most of the time you don’t know where to start placing them. Here are some tips to make your job easy and help you arrange the living room furniture according to your taste:

Measure the Living Room Space

One of the foremost things to do before you start decorating or buying furniture is to measure the living room. Note the length, breadth, and if possible the height of the space from wall to wall. If you can get hold of the floor plan that is great but even otherwise there are ways to have a floor plan that helps in planning the space. Take an inch-tape, draw a box and make a note of the measurements on all sides. Create a separate unique-sized box for each furnishings that you have decided to put in the living room to determine what can be included and what not to be included.

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Consider the Symmetry of your Living Room

Symmetry is an important aspect to consider when designing a home. It helps in placing furniture and other decorative things in such a way that it makes the space more inviting, calm, and orderly. Using the principle of symmetry creates a balance in the space and makes it easy on the eye. But careful consideration has to be made on smaller living spaces as it makes it look boxy if you streamline it too much. Incorporating curves, textures on the surfaces can break it and make it look more spacious. Floating furniture like the L-shaped sofa is an ideal choice as it is multifunctional and saves you from buying other seating options.

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Choose a Focal Point

Finding a focal point helps you to plan the space better. It can be a natural element like the large window in your drawing room or anything like the TV, artwork, or even your chandelier. Once you have determined the focal point in your room you can then design the living room around it. For example, if your large TV is the focal point then you can add the sectional sofa or a 3 seater sofa, facing the TV wall. You can also add upholstered armchairs as a statement piece that is placed on the sides of the TV. A coffee table placed close to the sofa adds to the comfort as you don’t have to get out of the sofa to reach for snacks or drinks.

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Buy the Right Sofa

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you are going to buy for your living room. It is the place where you entertain, read, lounge, and sometimes even sleep. So it makes great sense to have the right kind of sofa so that it can be used for many years to come. Some tips to buy the perfect sofa are:

  • Consider the size of the sofa and what other furniture you want to fill in the living room. Depending on that you can decide on the size. An L shape sofa is an ideal choice if you are making it the focal point of your living room. If you have a smaller living room then a 3 seater sofa from Wakefit is ideal as is a smaller couch that occupies less space and yet can be the spotlight. Irrespective of the size choose a practical and functional piece that compliments the space.
  • Choose a sofa based on your lifestyle and also the amount of space that you want it to occupy. Also, consider the orientation of the sofa. For example, If you have the habit of winding down in front of the sofa, then it has to be in the direction of the TV or the entertainment unit. If you host parties then a centre table is a must and make seating arrangements in a circle as that helps in socializing. If the living room is used to relax and read include multiple seats including upholstered armchairs.
  • Check the material of the upholstery and choose based on the aesthetics. Most people go for a leather sofa for a plush look, but there are many other types of materials for sofa sets for the living room that is not only good-looking but also durable and long-lasting. If you have pets or small children ensure that you weigh in that aspect so that the sofa material does not get damaged.

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Other Furniture Arrangements

Once you have decided on the sofa set, other pieces of furniture need to be placed to make the space more appealing, like:

  • It can be the coffee tables that are placed in the centre of the living room. Ottomans, armchairs, or other seating options to make enough seating arrangements if you often entertain friends and family.
  • Side tables on either side of the sofa if there is enough space. If it is a small space it can be a storage cabinet that doubles as seating.
  • TV Units, wall shelves, and shoe racks are some of the other things that go in the living room.
  • Open cabinets can also be placed on the TV wall to display photographs, accessories, etc to add glamour to space.
  • Floor lamps that come with a table attached can be used instead of side tables.Read more about f95zone

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Add a Rug

Centred around the seating, just beyond the sofa and the chairs add an area rug so that it adds warmth to space. Depending on the overall decor it can be a simple patterned or a bold one.

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Follow these simple tips to give a nice flow to the living room. Do not be tempted to add lots of furniture as that makes the space tighter. By doing so, it makes space look smaller. Ensure that there is breathing space for the furniture so that the room looks spacious and cosy. As for getting a nice flow to the living room and to get a designer’s touch to the living room checkout Wakefit. They have a range of living room accessories like sofas, coffee tables, TV Units, shoe racks, and Wall Shelves in different colours and textures that suit your style and aesthetics. So know about Ultimate Flags.

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