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The Mastiff is one of the largest breeds of dogs. These large dogs have a double coat and can vary in color from solid black to golden and tan, various shades of red, or bluish-gray. In addition to its double coat, some TMs have white markings on their chest and neck. Although it’s not always possible to identify the exact breed genetics from its color, it’s possible to identify it by its coat.

Expensive Dog Trading

In the early 20th century, TM dogs were widely traded in the Chinese market. The Prince of Wales George introduced a pair of these dogs to the British public. Thus, this expensive dog became available in England and was shown at the Crystal Palace. However, its popularity declined during the war years. Thankfully, the breed is now available for adoption in limited quantities all over the world. Adpotion is an interesting option, since the price of TM dogs often ranges between 4000 to 8500 USD.

The Mastiff is a low-energy breed and can live indoors or in an apartment. Yet, it needs exercise on a daily basis, and can become destructive if not being trained and stimulated. The dog is calm indoors, and will behave appropriately with other guests if they are well-trained. In a city apartment, a T Mastiff’s crate will help it enjoy the space it has while being polite with others. The TM is also resilient, making it a great choice for family life. So, if you are looking for a pet with a lot of personality, consider adopting a Tibetan Mastiff.

Dog With a Stern Personality

Although the Mastiff is not as obedient as other breeds, it can be a loyal member of a family. Although this dog breed is not naturally obedient, it will obey commands if they are in line with its interests. They are wary of strangers and are fiercely protective of their family. Although they are not always very good with small children, they can be an excellent choice for adults that are seasoned dog owners.

A well-trained Mastiff can be a wonderful dog, but it’s important to remember that they are working or guardian dogs. While they can be trained like other dogs, they are mainly family dogs. They need to be trained well, and trained to work with children and other animals. Its natural instincts make it an ideal choice for families who need a highly protective dog.

Tibetan Mastiffs Need Lots of Space

The TM dog needs a large yard and a garden with fences. These dogs are not always very social and easy-going, so, again, they’re not the ideal pet for apartment living. They need to be free to roam. So, consider this before choosing a Tibetan Mastiff for your home.

Its size and watchful gaze make it a great pet for families with older children. The lion-headed breed has a small skull and a long, bushy tail. Moreover, the Mastiff is an incredibly intelligent dog that can learn brainy tricks. It can learn new things quickly, and its intelligence and loyalty make it an excellent pet for families seeking protection and safety.

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