Home News There are so many new themes that I’m looking forward to incorporating into my island.Items from the ACNH 2.0 version are included

There are so many new themes that I’m looking forward to incorporating into my island.Items from the ACNH 2.0 version are included

by Levi

Even though my wonderful friends Animal Crossing 2. 0 and Happy Home Heaven are both excellent games in their own right, Power today’s game goes a step further.

  • You probably think to yourself in your Instagram posts that there are a ton of new items in this game yes oh my gosh today over almost 300 one brand new item so you can see exactly what kind of awesome creativity you’re about to have on November 5th so smash that like button if you’re excited because this is a great opportunity to show off your skills
  • You have to eat some snacks, you have to eat some snacksMake yourself comfortable because you have to get ready

Please prepare to accompany me because I have discovered some Animal Crossing Items that I haven’t been able to locate anywhere else. If you’re even thinking about joining us, we’ll put you through a rigorous screening process. At this point, the master list is extremely haphazard and unreliable. Don’t be angry with me if you come across anything extra; instead, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter so that I can fix it.

However, for the time being, here is a list of all of the Nook Miles Tickets that have been confirmed to be included in the game. You’re going to be completely blown away by this, so please let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments section below. I understand that this is a difficult task due to the fact that there are so many excellent candidates.

In the northern hemisphere, from October to February, you can purchase Venus flower baskets, which are medium-sized marine creatures. If the player accidentally approaches them, they can easily be overtaken by their long and fast lunges and become separated from them. From 9 p. m. onwards, the Venus flower baskets will be available. They are available for purchase for 5500 bells until 4 a. m.

A number of enhancements have been made to New Horizons in the most recent 1.11 and 1.10 updates, including codes that refer to museum cafes, among other references, and a number of other codes. An establishment known as the Roost Cafe appeared in previous installments of the popular Animal Crossing franchise, including the very first Animal Crossing game. Brewster, the main character, is in charge of this establishment for the vast majority of the time.

Eventually, the owners of this coffee shop hire the players as part-time employees in exchange for special incentives that they receive while working at the coffee shop. According to previously disclosed information, it is not intended that the current location of Roost Cafe will remain in operation indefinitely. While ACNH items is true that in some cases the cafe is located on a different floor than the museum, this is not always the case.

Players in the northern hemisphere will begin to see seaweed at the bottom of the new horizon starting in October. Because seaweed does not move in the same way as other sea creatures, players do not have to be concerned about it flying away. From October to July, players can go fishing at any time of day or night without interruption. Approximately 600 bells per piece of seaweed is the going rate.

In the northern hemisphere, spiny lobsters are large, fast-moving marine creatures that can be found between October and December. Activities begin at 9 p. m. on weekdays. Players do not need to approach slowly until 4 a. m. in order to avoid scaring away or becoming disoriented in the dark. Spiny lobsters are extremely valuable in the game, with each lobster fetching 5,000 bells in the auction house.

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