The ultimate guide to taking care of your wigs

Wigs have always been popular to change up your look for a temporary period. Today, with the invention of a plethora of hair styling tools, people don’t prefer putting their natural hair subject to them. This idea gave birth to another category of wigs including the full lace wig and front lace wigs.

There is also a choice between synthetic hair and human hair. There are key differences to both. Human hair wigs look very natural, are versatile and are quite durable. Synthetic wigs are relatively cheaper, require much less maintenance but have a short life span and quiteobviously look fake.

The wigs are adjusted in such a way that they look completely natural. To keep them looking that way, there are certain rules to follow:


With a wig that is which is supposed to be sewn into your natural hair, it is recommended to wear a silk bonnet while going to sleep. It reduces frizz and the impact of friction to the artificial hair. Removable wigs should be stored on a mannequin head when not in use


Your scalp produces oils that keep your hair moisturized and protected. A wig is supposed to be cleaned with as less harsh chemicals as possible. Using a sulfate free shampoo for the full lace help keeps it clean without destroying the quality.

It is also not recommended to wash your wig more than twice a month.


Do not use heating tools on synthetic hair. This type of hair is already made from plastic which cannot withstand the heat from a straightener or curling iron. Using heat on it will either damage or complete melt the hair.

Avoid using heavy styling gels or creams to style the wig. Anything that needs to be washed out later is supposed to stay on your natural hair, not wigs. It can result in a greasy look and weigh the hair down.

Heat tools are allowed on human hair wigs. That is naturally more tolerant towards heat. In these cases, one must always use a heat protectant. Set your heating tool to the lowest setting it has and go over the hair multiple times. It may be a bit time consuming, but it helps ensure you have full control over how much heat is being applied. It also helps keep the wig is tip top condition for a long time.

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