The Truth Behind the Rumors: Will iPhone 15 Plus Replace the Mini Version?

Following the absence of the iPhone 14 Mini, many tech enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the launch of the iPhone 15, particularly the Mini variant. Will the Mini version make a comeback, or will it be replaced by the iPhone 15 Plus? Let’s delve into the summarized update from to discover more intriguing information! is a Technology Blog where we share about the Apple related stuff with you. 

The Truth Behind the Rumors: Will iPhone 15 Plus replace the Mini Version? stands as a vast repository of data concerning the upcoming iPhone 15, set to be unveiled in September 2023. This platform delivers hot news and valuable insights about Apple’s impending flagship. Operated by a group of technology enthusiasts, especially those fond of Apple’s “Bitten Fruit” products, the website serves as a hub for all things about dt iP 15.

Amidst speculations surrounding Apple’s upgrades for the iPhone 15, there are numerous rumors circulating about the possible emergence of the iPhone 15 Mini. According to updates from, there’s a considerable chance that the iPhone 15 Mini will be replaced by dt iPhone 15 Plus, following the pattern of its predecessor. This information is sourced from the following:

According to Gamerevolution (updated on 26/03/2023), despite the lackluster sales of the iPhone 14 Plus, the prospect of the Mini version making a comeback remains slim. Both the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini failed to gain traction among users.

Marketimes (published on 25/02/2023) reports that Apple has no intention of launching the iPhone 15 Mini, focusing instead on boosting the revenue of the Plus series.

Information from Tomsguide (updated on 04/04/2023) suggests that each Apple model follows a fixed plan spanning 2 to 3 years. Therefore, despite modest sales figures for the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple plans to continue this version with the iPhone 15 lineup.

Notebookcheck (published on 30/12/2022) provides insight that Apple will persist with the iPhone 15 Plus and explore price reduction possibilities, despite the lower sales of the iPhone 14 Plus.

According to’s updates, the iPhone 15 Plus will serve as a replacement for the Mini version.

In conclusion, it’s highly likely that the iPhone 15 Plus will make a significant appearance, possibly overshadowing the Mini version. To date, iFans have had access to extensive details about the iPhone 15 Plus, while information about the iPhone 15 Mini remains limited. Tomsguide (11/04/2023) suggests that Apple officially retired the iPhone Mini during the iPhone 14 Series launch. This signifies that the return of the iPhone 15 Mini in September this year is rather fragile.

The Likelihood of the iPhone 15 Mini’s Appearance Is Dim

The decision to “retire” the iPhone 15 Mini may stem from the underwhelming sales performance of its predecessors and users’ lack of enthusiasm for the smaller iPhone version. Insights gathered by on the “retirement” of the iPhone Mini include the following:

As reported by Imore (published on 24/02/2023), the iPhone 13 Mini marked the final iteration of this line, as its poor sales figures prompted Apple to discontinue the product.

An article from Notebookcheck (published on 30/12/2022) states that the iPhone Mini’s purchase rate is significantly lower compared to other models within the same series. The sales of the iPhone 13 Mini were nearly half of its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Mini.

According to a survey conducted on 22/03/2021 by Flurry Analytics, the iPhone 12 Mini struggled to capture significant market share in China and the United States. Nikkei Asia reported that Apple ceased the production of the iPhone 12 Mini in 2021, with product inventory decreasing by around 70%. This highlights users’ hesitance to pay a premium for a smaller-screen iPhone.

The Most Recent iPhone Mini Versions: iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 12 Mini

This article provides users with a clearer perspective on the possibility of the iPhone 15 Plus overshadowing the iPhone 15 Mini, based on credible sources. For any inquiries about the iPhone 15, iFans can refer to for updates and engage in discussions under each article to receive prompt responses from the website’s development team.

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