The Reason Why should you use React Native (RN) Framework for your Mobile App Development

You want to develop a mobile app but you don’t know which framework you choose? How about React Native for mobile app development? Did you think about it? Here is the reason why you should use React Native.

What is React Native?

One of the Facebook software engineers, Jordan Walke, introduced this open-source framework, React Native. It combines the top responses with the Javascript on Facebook to target mobile devices. Developers can use a single codebase on several platforms, such as Android and iOS. So companies prefer using React Native as a way to create their Apps since you can create and share the entire code in JavaScript throughout iOS and Android and you shouldn’t pay for two different developers’ teams that maintain two separate code bases. To have better UX, simpler development, and create a mobile app less expensive and faster, you better use React Native.

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Ensures the Apps’ Quality

A React Native app may appear difficult, but it is not. Data bonds in hybrid apps have been simplified with a flow that prevents child components from influencing parent data. It means that you can quickly edit, change, or update program components as needed. The app’s stability is unaffected, and its functionality is unaffected.

Allows for Simple Debugging

One of the primary benefits of utilizing React Native is the debugging process. Unlike a native program, a React Native app does not need recompilation to test every change. To see the changes, you just need to reload the program on a device or simulator. React Native’s development cycle is short and has no detrimental influence on productivity.

Third-Party Plugin Support

Because the RN framework is still in development, some features in the core framework might be missing. Thus React Native supports two types of third-party plugins to fill this void: native and JavaScript modules.

For instance, React Native integrates any plugin with a third-party or native module if you need to include Google Calendars or Google Maps to your core app functionality. You can use some of the most popular third-party plugins for React Native.

Faster Updates and Simpler Maintenance

Because each platform necessitates a distinct code, updating native applications is a chore. The process of upgrading apps with React Native is more simplified. Users can update the applications on each platform at the same time.

Over the air, updates are used to apply changes to the software while people are using it. Developers do not need to manually update programs in the play store or app store, nor do they need permission from Google or Apple.

Declarative coding style

Declarative programming, in contrast to imperative programming, defines what the program needs to do instead of what it should accomplish. React Native code is very versatile and clear for developers like you because of its declarative writing language. It’s also beneficial when you want to get into a new process fast and absorb it. Declarative programming simplified the coding process and coding paradigms, resulting in code that is simpler to understand for both the developers and the system. Because of the excellent UI, you may just glance at the code and comprehend it.

Importance of Community

This technology is available for free for every developer so it’s an open-source service. Also, you as a developer can share your experience and make portfolios; this motivates you to develop better code; with this opportunity, if you need to get any feedback or collaborate with other developers, you can reach them by using React Native. You can share your practices and solutions with other developers and have conversations with them.

RN has the greatest community and strong community support between all cross-platforms. If you have any problem that relates to React development, you can seek assistance from community specialists who answer you as soon as possible or research information online.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Mobile development needs time and testing before the launch date in the app stores. But you should know when you as a developer use React Native; you don’t need to create codes for different platforms separately. The capacity to reuse code improves efficiency, resulting in super-fast development outcomes and lower costs.

It also helps you with the trouble of creating numerous versions of the same app. A longer development process entails increased costs. Furthermore, when you create a hybrid application, you just need one developer rather than two distinct mobile app developers for iOS and Android. It means you can launch your app as fast as possible.

And if your company has a web app on React, you can reuse some of its code to build a mobile app.

Hot and Live Reloading

Let’s check out the differences between live and hot reloading features because they aren’t the same.

Hot Reloading

It is based on Hot Module Replacement and developers added following the first reloading option. It follows the same steps, but when you click Ctrl + S save the changes, a Hot Module Replacement intermediator adds the modified files into the appropriate location while the program is running. One of the hugest benefits of hot reload would be the tool to create updates inside this source code and view them without having to recompile the app. If you as a software developer have two active windows, one with the app screen and one with the code, you may view the output also on the app screen instantly after making code changes.

Live Reloading

It can scan and compile a file in which you changed; and then gives a new document to the simulator that automatically reloads the application from the beginning.


Not every developer is familiar with the RN framework. But when you start using React Native for your business, it can save you money and time. Unless you have any unique platform difficulties, React Native can be an excellent option for the majority of use cases.

It is better to mention that thousands of apps, including Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Bloomberg, and Uber Eats, use React Native as a solution because of its popularity and ease of use.

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