The positive development of personality in football

For football and for the coaches and supervisors active here (e.g. physiotherapists, sports psychologists, doctors), the development of mental health should be an important goal of daily work. This goal consists on the one hand of promoting the components described above (i.e. stress resistance, self-image, attitude). On the other hand, the positive development of personality in football appears to be overriding these components, which can be seen as a fundamental and overriding condition for mental health. In this regard, personality development means that all aspects of experience and behavior “integrate into a unity that they relate to an ego”. The more coherent and more appropriate this integration takes place, the stronger the mental health.

Taking into account the positive potential and the assumed negative influences of competitive sport (also in professional football) on mental health (as described in the following sections), there is presumably a balanced relationship between positive and negative influences. Therefore, competitive athletes and non-athletes often do not differ in terms of the frequency of mental illness symptoms. Or to put it another way: professional athletes are neither “extremely healthy” nor overly affected by psychological problems. Nonetheless, it is important to know and address the psychosocial stressful factors in professional football instead of ignoring them. Only addressing these psychosocial stress factors can reduce their negative influence on health, performance and personality development and thereby strengthen the effects of positive influences. At the same time, from the consideration of stress and disease processes, important consequences for the promotion of mental health in professional football can be derived.

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Other than the above mentioned benefits of football on our mental health, following are some more.

Top Five Football benefits to our body

Following are the top five Football’s benefits you receive that strengthen your Physical, Social, and Psychological matters.

  1. Football develops character.

The game puts a player’s physical and mental abilities to the test. Discipline, communication, and perseverance are only a few of the ways a player’s character is developed through sports.

  1. Football encourages teammates to work together.

Member of the team has a distinct position to play, and they all work together to achieve a common goal. Since no single athlete can achieve that goal on their own, teamwork skills such as communication, collaboration, and constructive criticism are encouraged.

  1. Football is a sport that promotes mastery.

The game necessitates a lot of practice. Mastery and perfection in their skills are achieved by consistency and repetition.

  1. Football encourages physical activity.

Endurance, pace, agility, strength, and hand-eye coordination are all needed in this sport. Overall health is enhanced by the training needed to achieve these physical ambitions.

  1. Football teaches people how to cope with the stresses and hardship.

The game teaches both physical and mental stamina, sending the message that it’s all about how you finish.

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